Our macro shooting tests revealed that the QV can capture a minimum area of 2. To link more than nine, Casio suggests taking successive images and then piecing them together in the computer later. I guess I’m supposed to feel lucky to live in such a nice place! If for some reason the aperture is already wide open, and you try to enter full manual mode by pressing Set and “-“, nothing will happen the aperture is already wide open. It’s something you have to see for yourself to appreciate. When you open the camera, the lens extends, and the camera is ready to go.

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A Taiwanese company known for producing skins for Sony products has released what is very likely its most unusual skin to date.

The camera will certainly produce good-looking 8×10 prints, along with the rest of the 2 megapixel digicam field, but it’s sharpness and resolution aren’t up to those of the top-end cameras. Casio also throws in a copy of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5. It also includes Panorama Editor, which creates and plays back panoramic images, and QuickTime 3 for viewing movies.

The Nikon Z6 may not offer the incredible resolution of its sibling, the Z7, but its 24MP resolution is more than enough for most people, and the money saved can buy a lot of glass. Jeff welcomes your comments or questions. If you’re looking for a high-quality camera, you don’t need to spend a ton of cash, nor do you need to buy the latest and greatest new product on the market. We did observe though, that we could get significantly sharper images by shooting with the camera’s sharpness setting in the “soft” mode, and then applying aggressive sharpening in Photoshop tm with the unsharp masking operator.


QVUX/Ir – Digital Cameras – Manuals – CASIO

You have to keep pulling until you can pull no more there’s a final click. It’s hard to explain, but easy to do. Casio QV – five megapixel Aug 28, Pressing the Menu button in this mode pulls up the following menus: Casil Playback mode, the left and right arrows scroll through recorded images. Red-Eye Reduction mode emits a small pre-flash before the camera fires the full flash, reducing the occurrence of the Red-Eye Qv-2000ux.

Casio QV-2000UX/Ir (1999)

Landscape Mode Landscape mode allows you to record clear images in telephoto and wide angle settings, where the entire image is in focus from foreground to background. Overall, the QV’s strongest point is the unusual level of control it provides over exposure parameters, offering unusually fine aperture resolution, full-program, aperture-priority, and shutter-priority metering, and even a “hidden” full-manual exposure mode.

The LCD display is good sized, bright, and not too grainy. QuickTime 3 is required to play back movie images. Now, onto our usual tour of the camera: For example, if you don’t want the flash to revert to Auto each time the camera is turned off, you can program it otherwise. In “quick mode”, you can take up to 5 photos at the highest resolution x1.

My eval unit didn’t come with any Mac software, so I installed it on the PC. Throw in the 2x Digital Telephoto feature and you have magnification up to 6x albeit at the expense of image quality.

QV-2000UX/Ir Manual

Luckily, you can delete one, several, or all photos easily. This in-camera panorama viewing is unique to Casio, as far as we know, and a lot of fun to play with. Lousy PhotoLoader software Lack of rechargeable batteries Serial cable mystery Four-way switch screws up too often Button-mania in play mode Overall, the UX qc-2000ux an excellent choice, and one that any buyer should consider very seriously. Nikon Japan officially lists the D and D as discontinued.


The sheer number of options available in the LCD menu system can make the process of adjusting multiple selections somewhat tedious.

Category:Taken with Casio QVUX – Wikimedia Commons

For example, to delete a single photo, I counted 8 button pushes before it was done. Manual white balance lets you set the white balance to exactly match the specific lighting conditions, by holding a white piece of paper in front of the camera and pressing the Display button.

It’s been churning around the rumor mills for some time now, but Nikon Japan has confirmed the D and D have been discontinued. Canon patent details schematics for a possible RF 90mm F2.

But its combination of features, form factor and image quality make it an enjoyable camera to use — and his pick for this year. A little difficult to explain, but here’s what happens: Flash is not available in this mode and Casio notes that when using the Night Scene mode or a fixed or slow shutter speed, the camera may only record five images.

A manual focus option is available as well, giving you a focus range from approximately 7.