On contrast, the demand level of Asia market is much lower than the one of Europe market in Round 1, but it is more potential. Considering that high-end market became decrease, our product structure would be changed in the next turn. There is an optional practice round before the actual game. You can refer to the next page about re-paying funds to external sources. Since features became important, every phone was added one feature in order to cater to customers.

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Beyond MOOCs: Synthesizing coursework with Cesim’s Global Challenge business simulation

Specifically, Daisy that only had two features with 50 compactness and 40 battery life, compared with our competitor—Green Apple, whose MEE had 3 features with 65 compactness and 60 battery life, only sold How should I interpret the network coverage chart? It is hard to say whether we did good or bad, but we really learnt a lot from this course. Product design Green Apple is the first group to apply product portfolio in Europe moblle focus on all market from low-end to high-end in Round 3.

In the Cesim Global Challenge simulationeach team makes decisions for a fictitious company in a series of rounds; in this case, we played the role of cell phone manufacturers competing with one another for market share.

In addition, the long-term effect of advertisement showed up during the last rounds, so we need not invest so much.

Considering that both high-end markets liked avant-garde style and low-end customers were care about design, so the middle-high end and high-end one were designed as avant-garde. Green Apple product design in Round 4 Picture 7: Furthermore, after analyzing our competitors, we found two kinds of gap: Green Apple product design in Round 6 Picture 9: Hence the importance of projects that require the student to draw on multiple tools from the MBA tool kit.


Logistics will not be optimized, which may cause additional costs. Positive number indicates that you move funds from the US to the country to cover deficit and negative number indicates that you repatriate excess funds. There is an optional practice round before the actual game.

Since features became important, every phone was added one feature in order to cater to customers. The only way to avoid this is to estimate the demand completely accurately and produce according to the estimated demand. Networks are not backwards compatible, i. Considering Asia market was small, so only one was launched in Asia in Round 1, and added one in the next round.

May not be scanned, copied or duplicated, or posted to a publicly accessible. In addition, considering that the products had been updated and a couple of new products also launched in this period, it is crucial to remain the same marketing power in ceesim not to lose the previous market share but gain more as much as possible. In the MOOC environment, however, no one will force you to interact.

Cesim | Tiffany Chiu –

Cesim Global Challenge Students are the management team of a global mobile phone company and compete with other teams. Adjust the production capacities in both areas to achieve the desired outcome. Similarly, even in-person university programs have been criticized for failing to provide a unified curriculum. The production subsidiary can set the transfer price in the range of 1 to 2 times its direct variable unit cost.


Beyond MOOCs: Synthesizing with Cesim | No-Pay MBA

ceeim Financial statement in Round 6 But this huge change resulted the rise of production line costs, which can be seen in financial statement, versus A better way to build your network. Recently, I and a few members of the No-Pay MBA Network got the chance to participate in a business simulation game through Cesim, a Finnish company that provides these simulations as trainings cesmi both university and corporate environments.

In terms of Daisy, its design was Asian household favourite one but unpopular one of European household. In my opinion, the best way for students to build real connections is through projects.

New technology is considered more attractive than the old technology, i. During Round 7 and 8, marketing share became more important, and customers put more attention to features.

You have two production lines in each area.

cfsim For example, the distinguish between Peony and Jasmine was the difference of function, so they can be combined and launched new one for middle-low end market. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.