Bottom line What it really comes down to is that we love the InfiniTV 4. You’ll want to look around the Internet using your error codes as the search term. We have to say we couldn’t believe how great it felt to look at our scheduled recordings for the next two weeks and not see a single conflict. The helpful Ceton support crew really came though and discovered that MoCA traffic on channel Mhz was the culprit. You want them to have the following settings:. Once you have downloaded and built ctntad, you will need to create an RC script in order for it to be automatically started at system boot.

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Building OSS is beyond the scope of this article since it can be a very different process on any given Linux distro.

Configure the SchedulesDirect or whatever video source; have it pull down your “listing. Also be sure to add ctn0 to the end of the “auto” line so that it will be brought up automatically when the system boots.

Ceton InfiniTV 4 CableCARD tuner review

Sadly some providers mark everything Copy Once 0x01 which means the content is pretty much locked down. We’re told that it’ll take three to six months for the required change review process to be completed, so there’s no way it’ll be changed in time for this card’s release. The best full-frame mirrorless camera for video.

I forget what menu it’s in, but it’s reasonably straightforward. Not hard; just make sure you infiniyv this. I would pick one that might be in the clear to ensure you don’t have encryption issues say, channel 3, or 5, or 8 in the United States.


If you don’t ever get a channel list after like 20 attempts make sure you added a channel listing xeton the SchedulesDirect interface itself. Without both of those steps, MythTV won’t know what channels you have, or what shows are airing. If you’re lucky your cceton marks everything Copy Freely so you’ll be able to play recordings on any Windows 7 PC in the infiniitv, or even convert them to playback on just about anything under the sun.

This is especially true when you consider how difficult it’s been for HTPC fans to record premium content until now.

Don’t worry about the syntax of the line or what magic you might be doing: Unlike a leased set-top box, you can hide the channels you don’t get from the guide and even renumber them, so you know, channel 8 is channel 8 instead of or whatever — an added bonus is search results only include shows you can actually watch.

Go to ‘one’, then the ‘tuner’ tab.

If you look down the page, about half way you will see a heading labeled Card Applications. This card is incompatible with MythTV versions earlier than 0.

Ceton InfiniTV 4 PCIe X1 Quad Tuner HD CableCARD

Once you have downloaded and built ctntad, you will need to create an Infiintv script in order for it to be automatically started at system boot. Using the web interface, select the first tuner. You can always go for “try-all” if you’re not sure, but it will take awhile. This ensures a tuner is always available for the encrypted channels.

InfiniTV 4 USB – Ceton

This spec was written for single tuner cards and we reached cehon to CableLabs about changing it. Bottom line What it really comes down to is that we love the InfiniTV 4. There are cetoj on the Internet of the card working out-of-the-box with Ubuntu Crton can’t get a lock and I can’t view anything — The key here will be the codes: Ubuntu up to and including You should be able to now access the card’s internals from your web browser, typically http: This seems due to a poor motherboard to case angle issue that causes the card to “pop” out of the PCIe slot when screwed into the case.


Now we can’t say we’ve ever used the analog tuner in the ATI Digital Cable Tuner, but if you live somewhere where there’s still analog, you’ll have to pick up a dedicated analog tuner.

MythTV can be set to correct for that, so don’t despair! This is basically your “TV Guide” that sends the channel listings to your device and what shows are on what channels at what time.

Ceton InfiniTV 4 CableCARD tuner review

You can even set tuner priorities per channel, which works great for combining CableCARD tuners with clear QAM because you can set the clear QAM tuner to a higher priority on the select few channels that are sent in the clear. PCIe supported natively in 0. For kernel versions 4. And the only good thing about having a problem is that it gave us a chance to dig around the diagnostic information — most of which can be accessed via Media Center’s foot interface or via the tuner’s web interface.