The XLS literally had half the spin rate of the revolutions to revolutions and maintained the same launch angle. Cleveland Hibore XL Driver. This move has really made me loose confidence in the club itself. Just one more thing. Give us a call at and try our new Valet Service.

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Cleveland HiBORE XL and XL Tour Driver Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

I just played my first yibore with the HiBore XL yellow shaft Eating up the fairway on Par 4’s and 5’s plenty of Par or even Birdie putts to follow. I quickly concluded that Cleveland did not have anything like a draw swing in mind when they created the XLS the XLS Tour may be a better match for those who currently hit draws or straight drives with a square or open-faced driver.

And talk about workability, I can hit any shape I wish. My drive is last not really lost any distance in comparison to my Launcher Comp. ParroHead — This is spooky!

Today’s Golfer

This is hibode first year really golfing just learning the game. If I crank it ball goes left, rarely go right. I am so impressed I have ordered the 3 wood to match.


Nice job on the review! Distance was average, with the rare zinger mixed in there. If you prefer to use your own shipping service, you are welcome to do that at your own expense. The Tour model has a shallower body to allow for more workability.

Cleveland HiBore XLS Tour Driver Review

Similarly cleveoand decent players, i found it quite hard to manouvere the ball around. I bought the Hibore xl Newsletters Keep up-to-date with the latest news and updates from Golfbidder Sign up. Slice gone and drove at least 50 yards further than my old Callaway.

Every one of them started smacking straighter drives immediately. If you hit a high ball, go with the red shaft. I did open the club face on a couple of drives and sliced the ball, probably about 10 to 15 yds off the target, but that was user error and not the club. I still hit my old Launcher 4W although with a new Fujikara E shaft. As long as any other combination and more accurate than any other.

Flied until the ft red mark!!! Words cannot do justice to the feeling I got on using it off the tee for the first time yesterday.

Cleveland HiBORE XLS Driver Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

If you have one, you are out of luck. I purchased this head off the tour van. I have the same experienced went throu. Been using one of the tees for a couple of clevelannd now. With the much bigger Hibore XL, I feel that I need to tee it up and I have experiemented a bit, and I seem to get the ball up much better with a high tee.


Mine is and I had to put in an X flex shaft, as the red one was too soft for me. I just bought the XLS 9. When I relaxed xo slowed down, I boomed the ball, and was 30 yards short of the green on a yard Par 4 I chunked my chip of course, but the drive sure felt great! Would recomend to any hi to mid handicapper.

So, better safe than sorry. Teeing it low with this club just shortens the drive, period! I did notice however hobore almost every hit I took felt good.