BB code is On. Could you try this?? On my system, it is on the far right of alsamixer. I am using the current alsa drivers 1. SB Live alsamixer need some corrections. Output 00 [Digital Front Left] Output 12 [???

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Try it yourself and let me know! I have upgraded my Mandrake 9. In any case, once the card goes into surround40 mode, the sound is controlled as follows: I have installed Debian 4.

Test for Card

For more advanced trainees it can be a desktop reference, and a collection of the base knowledge needed to proceed with system and network administration. However, I was torn to find that I had trouble playing multi-channel audio AC3 in video files, while it was easy with the old emu10k1 OSS drivers.

I’m trying to configure mixxx with jack output two seperate stereo pairs main and headphone via jack to my SB Live 5.

This should be corrected in ALSA version bigger as 1. You can enable the playing of this by adding “-af surround” before the “-channels 4” option on the command line for MPlayer. The ld10k1 project has libux reached alpha stage yet, but I am planning to ask to integrate creaive into the alsa-tools project.


SoundcardsWithHardwareSynth – Community Help Wiki

Well, the only way I can hear sound coming from the front is through this command:. Yes, until I find what program causes this, I’ll have to correct it manually everytime.

Windows drivers works in similiar way, you can not choose Line In as capture source, only Analog Mix can be chosen. I had no problem with the sound, for me it was the microphone which did not record anything. Well I hope some can hlep me out. I am now writing a so-called “loader” called ld10k1, that should read binary files generated by as10k1 and load them onto the card, doing the necessary “relocation” to pointers and GPRs.

Sound Blaster Audigy help. I’m using a stereo reciever and speakers, and there is a huge amount of bass distortion.

Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS

Creative Labs SB Live! Find More Posts by susie lienucks. If I close lircd then midi keyboard plays again.

This is a weird problem I’ve been having since I started using Linux Mandrake 9. All times are GMT When I upgraded to suse In alsamixer you can use F3, F4, F5 keys to switch between playback, capture and all control view.


This fixed my problem also.

Every source which can be captured on Audigy 2 ZS has two sliders – volume for playback and volume for capture. There are two versions, the link goes to version 2, the newer one of the two versions I found. Anyone knows which slider should I adjust?

If you’d like to contribute content, let us know. And in gamix, these controls appear audiggy, soy that they don’t work I am on Ubuntu 5. I have tried every combination of mixer settings that I can concieve of. This decoder and the SB Live! And if I turn on the microphone I can hear that just fine in the headphones. The modules are loaded and the mixer is set well it was beter before: I also figured out that my boomy bass was caused by the “Tone” slider being muted.