I’ve been experimenting with capturing from my cable box in two hour chunks. This is fine if you live in PAL-land most of Europe. Valid -preset settings are: Seems that some of drivers exist but modules are not loaded automatically. Is there a template somewhere that I can copy for use in this file?

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They used to default to 25fps.

Plug a video source into the USB-Live2. Distro Ubuntu Development Release. The list is very long and includes many variations on each of the major standards.

Manhattan video grabber hi-speed usb –

Because the USB-Live2 has its own bus, it seems to work fine. Could be a regression. I know that I’ve done this successfully with Windows and Adobe Premiere. How do I set up linux to open the video0 device so I can watch tv? Actually, there are two reviews that indicate success with VHS in Ubuntu Some product pages have a ‘Linux compatible’ label, but the license in the associated driver that they offer includes the words “The binaries part of AVerMedia Linux Driver is ported from Windows driver and is under some other NDA, so the original source code will not be released.


With unstable video sources, like VHS, it is up to the software to make sense out of the garbage that is produced by this adapter. Official driver supports neither FM nor remote control. Use the “top” command to monitor how much CPU ffmpeg is using and adjust linix -preset setting to avoid using too much.

[kubuntu] UBU and cxxx not working

Had a “Linux compatible” label on the product site, but with license issuesand needs to be patched for kernel 2. An mp4 file by default uses the H.

Retrieved from ” https: Or ffplay and avplay. See Bttv devices bt, bt With the video apps that come with Ubuntu The drivers loaded when I rebooted linux! AVerMedia stopped maintaining their driver ; it is unusable with kernel This goes for any USB video capture device.

One is known as “ffmpeg”, the other is “libav”.

Hardware components are Afatech and NXP. UBU and cxxx not working Thank you, sandyd.


Manhattan video grabber hi-speed usb 2.0

Possible sources of the problem:. Thank you all for your support. Polaris AV Capture [ linuxx. The motherboard sound hardware is on “card 0” while the USB-Live2 sound hardware is on “card 1”.

When evaluating recorded video for frame drops, beware of drops caused by the video player. With vlc, sometimes it works fine, other times it stops at random points without warning.

Or is the Linux driver handling errors poorly?

Using the Hauppauge USB-Live2 with Linux

They are very closely related as libav is a branch of ffmpeg. I need to expand this section a bit. New USB device strings: