These things are an investment but totally worth it. If you haven’t bought the pad yet, try to buy a one that has a usb connector. As I explained above the prices for one mat are excessive, except the Positive Gaming. These mats offer more durability , but it also depends on how you use your mat: Submit a new link. If the pad has a usb connector, just hook it up to the computer.

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Flux is usually most recommended but nowadays people are talking about other pads too.

Then if you want it to work with anything other than the official machine you pretty much have to solder the sensors to a controller or keyboard.

Where can you buy your foam inserted mat: The comfort is greatly improved by the foam absorbing the shocks of your feet on the floor. This slows down a bit the danc trying to quickly chain up the arrows.

I tested one from a friend, it did miss arrows sometimes not often but it still breaks your score. Good thing I got mine last year.

Dance mat reviews for Stepmania – soft mats

Hey people I want to play Stepmania with a dance pad and don’t know how to go about this. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.


Deluxe v2 is very comfortable, very nice to dance on and you will blow away your previous scores with it. However, time lasting remains a problem. US players have less to worry, with Dance Pad Mania still online and running.


Offers for this category: Plus, the surface of the v3 mat is different and feels better under the feet to me. This is a good bargain to test the game without putting much money on it, for a start. But I guess they don’t make them anymore.

Visit the stepmania-devs IRC. But after just checking their site I am not sure if they offer it anymore. It may exist slightly better models but nothing significantly better. Stiff foam, raised arrows.

Controllers – StepMania

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Might want to email them about it. The brand Futuremax, from the netherlands, has no less than three distinct mats to propose: It’d be cheaper and probably better to just build yourself if you’re willing to go through this much work already.

Also, usually hard pads are the best if you’re will to cash in some money for them. Almost none of the adapters support 2 arrows being pressed at the same time. Want to add to the discussion?


Dance mat reviews

Wtepmania to be Metal? In addition to build the Deluxe series, Futuremax is the major european dealer. Right, this is french, and I understand too little in the world of manual work to do the translation I know i’m a noob but thanks for the help.

You can cut to size and tape to the board so it wont slide.

If you haven’t bought the pad yet, try to buy a one that has a usb dancr. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. It may sound a secondary detail, but I assure you it does help for the fast songs. This is basically sidebar material, if that’s a thing. Play stepmania and wreck pad files until the pad wears out.