The default is to register the service, which makes the service information available to the operating system. If the driver can connect, it releases the connection and displays a connection established message. If you specified a value for the attribute when configuring the ODBC data source, that value is your default. In the connection string In the DataSource section of the system file odbc. Select the option that will determine how the end user will be able to import the data sources you exported to the data source file; then, click Next. The port you specify must be the same port that was specified for the SequeLink service when the SequeLink Server was installed; the default is

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Provide the following datadirext. If the UID map was added successfully, a message appears to confirm it. The default values listed in the table are initial defaults that apply when no value is specified in the connection string or in the ODBC data source definition. The Select Translator dialog box appears, listing translators specified in the Dwtadirect Translators section of the system information file.

The value you specify must match the database character encoding and the system locale. Some applications always quote identifiers with double quotes. We strongly recommend that you do not configure an ODBC translator and rely on the native SequeLink transliteration between server and client code pages.


1 Using the ODBC Client

Because UNIX is a multi-user environment, you datadirdct want to use a single centralized odbc. In the following steps, check these values or correct these values for your specific service. The SequeLink Client attempts to allocate a buffer of this size, which typically fails due to lack of memory. Overwrite mode adds or updates the data sources in the data source file and deletes any other data sources configured for the ODBC driver.

This customized, installable image is called a Quick Install image. The Create New Data Source displays the settings you have configured for this data source.

It can import and export data sources. To run the program, type example and follow the prompts to enter your ODBC data source name, user name, and password.

When set to 1, output parameters are returned after a SQLExecute. This balancing is transparent to users and to applications.

Need help with ODBC connection from Windows 64-bit operating system

To make sure that you have set up the environment for the ODBC driver that you want to use, run the ivcheckodbc utility, for example: The fields change on the lower half of satadirect screen to accommodate the information required to query an 32-bot server for connection information.

When set to 0 the initial defaultthe workaround is not enabled. Specifies a workaround connection attribute for connections to Oracle data stores only. Imposes a time limit on: The system information file accepts only long names for attributes.


sequelibk You can define different performance goals and processing rules for different workloads. This can also be a list of LDAP servers separated by a blank space for example, “ld1. During peak demand periods, Network Dispatcher can automatically find the optimal server to handle incoming requests. Once the DataDirect SequeLink 6. The dialog boxes that appear depend on the data store logon method configured for the SequeLink service:.

When the ivcheckjdbcdriver script has verified these settings and successfully made a connection, use these settings for the configuration of your SequeLink Server for JDBC Socket.

8 Configuring the ODBC Client

Interactive mode allows the user to select which data sources will be imported. Click Finish to create the new SequeLink service.

Use the following SQL statement: The output destination of these messages is controlled by the syslog daemon. If not specified, the configuration of the default server data source will be used for the connection. This attribute can also be a list of LDAP servers separated by a blank space for example, ld1. Specifies adtadirect workaround connection attribute. Type a unique name that identifies this ODBC data source configuration.