The Rowset Viewer also displays any error information from the data provider. It allows you to:. During debugging, sensitive data can be read, even if it is stored as a private or internal variable and access is limited to the same assembly. You can use any certificate for SSL encryption that you can use for your Web server. All subsequent calls to the data provider will be traced to MyTrace. Why do I always receive the generic error message: For example, you may want to direct logging to a local file on your machine.

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Your browser would then intercept this forged applet, because it is not signed by a trusted software publisher. NET providers and broad support for enterprise authentication and encryption methods. Installation, User’s Guide, and Reference. Connect any application to any data source anywhere. The DataDirect Test windows contain two Concatenate check boxes.

Be sure to turn off tracing when you are finished reproducing the issue because tracing decreases the performance of your ODBC application. Connection was closed and added to the cache.

Appendix C

Get full coverage from legacy. Returns the highest number of connections in all connection pools since the process started. If the SSL implementation returned a detailed error message describing why the SSL handshake failed, it would become vulnerable to a “million questions attack. NET is made of a set of classes that seque,ink used for connecting to a database and providing access to relational, XML or application data.


.NET Bridges for JDBC and ODBC Databases

Example is useful for executing any type of SQL statement, testing database connections and SQL statements, and verifying your database environment. Powered by Progress Sitefinity.

Performance Improve data access performance by simply switching ADO. Because the number of connections in the connection pool is greater than the minimum pool size, five connections, no action is taken by the Pool Manager. This is a Java restriction. When set to 0 the initial defaulttracing is disabled.

You can then execute any non-parameterized SQL statements. When this number is reached, additional connections that would normally be placed in a connection pool are closed for example, Is it safe to download the class that performs the certificate check?

I’m downloading my applet from a Web server, but I cannot connect to any of my available SequeLink servers. The Pool Manager creates new connections to satisfy the minimum pool size. DataDirect Spy provides the following advantages:.

NET data provider installs a set of PerfMon counters that let you tune and debug applications that use the data provider. Current of Pooled and Non-Pooled Connections. If you change the value of an environment variable, you must restart the application for the new value to take effect. You can also specify the name and location of the trace log on this tab.


Execute a single JDBC method or execute multiple JDBC methods simultaneously, so that you can easily perform some common tasks, such as returning result sets.

Sequelink DataDirect Informix ODBC Driver Configuration Properties (Configuring JDBC/ODBC Drivers)

If you accept any certificate, you have the same level of protection as with an anonymous cipher suite. When you make an HTTP connection to an unknown site a site whose certificate is not signed by a certificate authority known to dataxirect browserthe browser can prompt you for confirmation. A product specialist will be glad to get in touch with you. Verifying the server certificate assures you that you are really connected to the correct server.

PerfMon counters that let you tune connection information for your datadircet. To import these classes, include the following line at the beginning of your code:. For more information about the error’s possible cause, review the proxy server log file.