The initial default is 4. This driver manager loads the backend driver upon request, finding all of the necessary information in the backend ODBC data source configuration file odbc. Specifies the data store password, which may be required depending on the server configuration. Navigate until you find the database you want to use as the data source and click OK. When this number is reached, additional connections that would normally be placed in a connection pool are closed for example,

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When the password has been changed successfully, the following warning is generated: The Administrative Tools window appears. You can then execute any non-parameterized SQL statements.

The DSN-less connection dwtadirect specifies a driver instead of a data source. During debugging, sensitive data can be read, even if it is stored as a private or internal variable and access is limited to the same assembly. Connections to a data source can be made via a connection dafadirect without referring to a data source name DSN-less connections.

.NET Bridges for JDBC and ODBC Databases – DataDirect Connectivity

This process consists of three main procedures: See Trademarks for appropriate markings. Installation, User’s Guide, and Reference.


The SequeLink Client attempts to allocate a buffer of this size, which typically fails due to lack of memory. Use the administration tool of your choice to create a new service.

In the Connection List box, a list of available connections. Limit security vulnerabilities with our fully managed Daatdirect.

Powerful SequeLink ODBC driver

The last stage of the connection process involves logging on the data store. Execute a single JDBC method or execute multiple JDBC methods simultaneously, so that you can easily perform osbc common tasks, such as returning result sets.

Because the number of connections in the connection pool is greater than the minimum pool size, five connections, no action is taken by the Pool Manager.

Powered by Progress Sitefinity. When set to 1, re-creates the trace file each time the application restarts.

The first stage of the connection process involves establishing a network datavirect. An option should only be used to address the specific problem for which it was designed.

This step is optional. NET connectivity across all supported database versions and distributions with complete functionality.

Configuring An ODBC Data Source Using DataDirect Sequelink Server

When set to 0 the initial defaultthe workaround is not enabled. If unspecified and the SequeLink Server detects that the host password has expired, you will be prompted for a new host datadirecct.


In our example, because only one user ID was used, only one pool group is closed. Some products cannot handle this. Attend a Live Webinar This Week! Select DataDirect SequeLink 6. The following code shows an example of an odbc. NET providers, without changing application code.

1 Troubleshooting Tools for the SequeLink® Client

Type the name of a server data source configured for the SequeLink service to use for the connection, or click the In the connection string In the DataSource section of the system file odbc. You can customize this file for your environment using any text editor. The wizard prompts you to register the SequeLink service on the host machine.

The location of the. To sequelinl sure that you have set up the environment for the ODBC driver that you want to use, run the ivcheckodbc utility from a DOS prompt.