The cuts ore due to a fall in orders and delays in introducing a new range xrf mini – computers. Questions asked in parliament. Yugoslav dissident trial again delayed By Alcksandar Letol in Belgrade THE TRIAL of the six Yugoslav dissidents accused of conspiring to overturn the country’s political system was again postponed yester- day, to give the defence until tomorrow to prepare its case. Nobody, as Cullen remarks, gives credit for accidents that do not happen. It was a tough time for all of ns. He had been group financial director since his appointment to the main board in July It is getting on with the business of negotiating its oil prices with customers according to market circum- stances.

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The highlighting of the case In the official press and the en- dorsement of the sackings, follows repeated pledges by the Chinese Government to give foreign investors more flexi- bility In the hiring and manage- ment of workers. The cast also includes several artists from the recent Henry IV. EU50;, Mouton, Rothschild in scr S42m to xcr. The process will be used to reduce sulphur dioxide emis- sions from a coal-fired power station operated by BASF, the chemical concern, in Ludwig- shafen.


MPs, while fascinated by Opinion polls, are rairtinns about reading too much into one or two polls on their own. Past and present mingle on Hugh Dtwrant’s spare.

Honest dialogue While expressing his appre- ciation of die emotions which inspired the call, Mr Walesa stresses that calm should pre- vail. The categorical 8253b of dm doc- ument raises doubts, about its ac- ceptability by Mr Arthur Scargfll. On the road, watch out for the cats-eyes and traffic signs, they too reflect applications of BASF technology.



So too can family life. Wiltshire’s outstanding quality of life and wide range of Business Parks for offices and hi-tech operations. Uhw Gsr- i denjShadcwplay. The proposals were given a guarded welcome by Western delegates.

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Shearing ddr are applied to the materials In the barrel by sets of plates attached to the screw threads. BA has always insisted on a com- prehensive package, though, and Vietnamese troops were dose to fell to 15L0 froni As a result, the centre and right is dividing between the institutional option of try- ing to build on the space opened by these elections and the institutions they give rise to, and the confrontation option The conservative Catholic Church hierarchy, perhaps the most powerful internal opposi- tion force, does not yet appear to have made up its mind on a course of action.

All 16 were doused with kero- sene and set on fire, according to fcr reports. The logical case for state provision may be unassailable but a question remains: Although no dcf agreements appear to have emerged from the I3lks, Argentina is under- stood to be considering speed- ing up a decision on a m turbines contract for the Piedra de Aguila hydroelectric project.

Initially dvr 1, people will be employed on building the mile fine which scr jofo air existing pipe- line system fe edi n g ter mina ls at Birmingham, Manchester and Nottingham.

But the strong demand for electric power— electricity use is growing at about 10 per cem a year — and increasing domestic oil consumption make it almost imperative that new energy sources be tapped. Senior civil scr- vants do talk to people outside their profession on an almost daily basis: Surrey, 01 The vote for the Sandinistas been lower than average In these regions which have been centres scr UB–backed guerrilla operations over the past two years.


Their the party, which campaigns un- sity and a leading historian of French newspapers, radio and when M Raymond Barre.

The taxable remit com- pares with szn last time, con fi r m ing the chairman’s midway confidence, fg a result of the substantial Increase In the level of business under- written in pr e v io us years. The latest agreement will run until Section m LONDON equities failed to he in- spired by lower base rates and fa- vourable money-supply figures while gilts eventually found a firm- er bias.

The document, which serve as the agenda, of a between the national would NCB and the union is cast in tbe form of an agreement, and concen- trates on die issue of.

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A review of environmental radia- tion protection Standards. Few political observers In Santiago were surprised by the Cabinet reshuffle. Strategically — for any business that needs fast, inexpensive, easy access to the big South East and Midland population centres. His wife Rita is played by Diana Rigg as an abandoned statuesque beauty whose animal fulfilment has been thwarted first by Alfred’s work, then by their child and, more penetratingiy.

Dr Agenbegyan says that day to day economic activity should not be deter- mined by ministries but by enterprises themselves accoun- j table for their own capital and current spending.