Found I had not correctly blabbed a win 8 DVD. Forum only search News: Geek-9pm on May 10, , Click here it’s easy and free. It was the 32 bit.

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Bioss on May 10, For one, I did not have enough memory. Window 10 failing to install does tend to tell you why it is failing beyond simply saying it is incompatible.

I want to put Windows 10 preview on it. I was surprised to see that Walmart now sells refurbs and his exact model. Installed from a bootable flash drive, F12 at splash screen.

Bu it may well be a thing with the way Windows 10 is installed. What CPU does it have?

Click here it’s easy and free. Before posting on our computer help forum, you must register. I have a Celeron D 2.

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Dekl Posts Percent: I will ask the moderator to move this to the Windows 10 area. MS says there are three instructions needed: The Pentium 4 was a 3. Can’t remember if updated from Windows or DOS boot disk, probably was the latter.


Got the 64 bit Windsors 8.

Please login or register. However, the new build works fine on a Dell I have on my other desk. Put in a spare hard drive to see if Winbit would install.

I don’t understand why you suspect the CPU. Home Help Login Register. Looking up his system model I won’t get auto-update until I get installed, – Right?

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BTW, wouldn’t this thread be better relocated to Windows 10 sub-forum, since that really is the subject? After going over my notes and doing things twice, I found some of my own errors.

Salmon Trout on May 10, Forum only search News: The build I was using is very old. I get the error message for incompatible CPU. Salmon Trout Posts Percent: Got the new build of Windows 10 preview.

Optiplex GX/GX System BIOS

Here was my issue with Win 10 related to edit in command shell http: Did you miss your activation email? I am going to do more research on this. Geek-9pm Topic Starter Posts Over: Surprisingly performance wise, both the Pentium 4 and D ran windows 10 quite well.