Of course this is also the option you’ll want to use for unattended connections, for example on a Web server. Then, when you deploy your application, it loads these values from a separate version of dbxconnections. Please provide me the result of executing this code. The final component in the dbExpress group is SQLMonitor, which is used to log requests sent from dbExpress to the database server. Full control Here is other infornmation that might help you: XE” and then “localhost: When you add a new SQLConnection component to an application, you can proceed in different ways.

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delphi 6 and devart dbx driver – Devart Forums

Full control Here is other infornmation that might help you: Setting it to False allows you to provide a password skipping the login request, both at design time and run time. However, because this operation copies the connection data, updating the connection doesn’t sqlconnecyion refresh the values within other SQLConnection components referring to the dellhi named connection: I have tried the following: Because Params is a string list, at design time, you can double-click the Params property in the Object Inspector to edit the parameters using the String List editor.

This is a string list including information such as the database name, the username and password, and so on.

Get My Free Ebook. Please try to reinstall your Oracle client or install another Oracle client. What really matters for the SQLConnection component is the value of its properties.


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Next, I looked for a bpl anywhere under Here are my exact steps: In fact, when you select a driver or a connection at design time, the sqlclnnection of these files are copied to corresponding properties of the SQLConnection component, as in this example:.

This list resembles the aliases of the BDE, and you can enter multiple connection details for every database driver.

For each driver, there is a set of default connection parameters. Devart Forums Discussion forums for open issues and questions concerning database tools, data access components and developer tools from Devart Skip to content.

Delphi + MySQL + SQLConnection

The SimpleDataSet component is new in Delphi 7. If you don’t have to port existing code, you should generally use the general SQLDataSet component, which lets you execute a query and also access a table or a stored procedure. This editor lists, on the left side, all of the predefined connections, for a specific driver or all of them, and allows you to edit the connection properties using the grid on the right.

Thank you for helping me Alex Keith. I have tried all combinations of Params properties with multiple values listed above. The name of each combination is called a connection name. The generated query will include all the fields of the table, and if you specify the SortFieldNames property, it will include a sort by directive. Please provide me the result of executing this code.


Post a comment Name The fact that the provider is hidden is odd, because it is created as a compound component. In that case, DriverName and Params will likely differ on the system where you deploy your application from the values you use during development. Part I – Foundations. The VCL components used to interface the dbExpress library encompass a group of dataset components plus a few ancillary ones.

This may have nothing to do with our problem here, but I thought I would bring it to your attention. I had this in a nice outline, but in Preview mode, all formatting is lost.

This comprehensive guide will present you with a variety of self-publishing options and explore their viability.

No disrespect is intended here, but I am soooo frustrated and exhausted. It is a combination of four existing components: Once LibraryName and VendorLib have been set, your application does not need to rely on dbxdrivers.

Home Board index Contact us. The important thing to notice is that these initialization files are used only at design time. As, I mentioned yesterday, with the first block of code you sent to me, I received the same ORA exception.