Been swapping between that and a Buzzz OS. The Discraft Titanium Punisher is a very fast overstable maximum distance driver 1. NEW The short game slayer! I’ve used ti, ti flx, crystal flx, z, esp, jawbreaker. But its noticeabley more overstable than my other zones, great plastic for skips too. The ESP plastic is not only beautiful but durable and grippy. Discraft Surge – ESP.

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The design goal was to create a max distance driver that fits between the Crank and the Force i…. The Putt’r is an excellent turnover approach putter.

Discraft Moderately Overstable Golf Discs

Hover to zoom Click to enlarge. Power throwers with big arms can expect big distance. Discraft Force diiscraft Titanium. Specially engineered for players who love the Magnet but prefer a softer putter that grabs the chains. Nice glide and super smooth for buttery anhyzers, a must have for all Buzzz fans.

Putt and Approach Golf Discs from Discraft

The ESP plastic is not only beautiful but durable and grippy. The XL is one of the farthest flying discs ever made, and is hugely popular with new players. This limited edition series comes in four unique discaft The Hawk is an excellent all-purpose midrange driver and is especially handy on tight fairways.


Use it with brute for…. The Challenger is an amazing overstable putter, and very popular with advanced players. Out of stock Low stock In stock. Discraft Surge – Z Dyed.

Discraft Golf Disc Stability Guide

Will hold the line without flipping on long approaches, and delivers predictable overstagle even in windy conditions. Discraft Hornet – Z. Great for very long turnovers at medium speed, or throw your longest rollers ever at high speed! I am left-handed, and this chart is for right-handed, backhand throws. Undertaker is a must have driver for any skill level: Power throwers with big arms can expect big dista….

The ESP Force has quickly become a staple in my bag. If you’re throwing hard for maximum distance, reach for the high performance Force. All this, packaged in the super grippy, durable and naturally gorgeous Swirly ESP plastic make The Force one of the best maximim distance drivers on the market. The Magnet is our flagship putter, and is used by thousands of seasoned disc golfers.


Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. What makes the Surge especially hot is the extra glide you’ll get throw after throw.

Discraft Extremely Overstable Golf Discs

The Discraft Elite Z Stalker is a moderately overstable exta long range fairway driver 1. I can push and even sometimes pass ft with this disc.

It is more stable than z plastic, while still maintaining its form when I really have to rip on it. The Discraft Big Z Vulture is a moderately overstable 1. Excellent for forehand, overhand shots and distance drives. The force is my go to driver.

Discraft Buzzz OS – Z. When shopping for Discraft golf discs, you’ll see a stability rating on each disc. Use it with brute force to….