This parameter is the current flowing into the control IC. After startup, there is no power loss in these resistors since the startup pin is internally disconnected after startup. It also helps to prevent transformer saturation and reduce the stress on the secondary diode during startup. About product and suppliers: Then, Vfb climbs up in a similar manner to the over load situation, forcing the preset maximum current to be supplied to the SMPS until the over load protection is activated.

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DM0565R FSDM0565R LCD power supply Power module TO-220F-6

Overload is defined as the load current exceeding a pre-set level due to an unexpected event. An opto-coupler such as the H11AA and shunt regulator such as the KA are typically used to implement the feedback network. Over suppliers can give you a quotation. It also helps to prevent transformer saturation and reduce the stress on the secondary diode during startup.

This pin is the control ground and the Sense FET source. A wide variety of dmr transistor options are available to you, There are 13 dmr transistor suppliers, mainly located in Asia. At this point switching stops and the output voltages start to drop at a rate dependent on standby current load.

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Temp Operating Freqency vs. The feedback voltage then falls and the process repeats. Temp Feedback Source Current vs. The delay time for shutdown is the time required to charge CB from 2.


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When the drain pin and feedback pin are shorted, the zener diode fails and remains short, which causes the fuse F1 blown and prevents explosion of the opto-coupler IC This causes the feedback voltage to rise.

Temp Current Limit vs. Related Products from Alibaba.

We strive to provide the most reasonable prices matching the quality of the goods. If you are suspect of any unauthorized use of your intellectual property rights on this webpage, please report it to us at the following: In this situation, the protection circuit should be activated in order to protect the SMPS.

During start up, the power is supplied by an internal high voltage current source that is connected to the Vstr pin.

In order to avoid undesired activation of OVP during normal operation, Vcc should be designed to be below 19V. Zener diode ZD is used for lsd safety test such as UL. Free standing with no heat-sink under natural convection. We have a large stock and the prices are variable,so sometimes the prices we post are not accurate.

This reduces the current through the opto-coupler LED, which also reduces the opto-coupler transistor current, thus increasing the feedback voltage Vfb.

The typical soft start time is 10msec, Les pulse width to the power switching device is progressively increased to establish the correct working conditions for transformers, inductors, and capacitors.


Donpv philips lcd tv power supply board power supply board pfl CN If the secondary side feedback circuit were to malfunction or a solder defect caused an open in the feedback path, the current through the opto-coupler transistor becomes almost zero. This pin is internally connected to the inverting input of the PWM comparator. Over load protection t Normal operation Fault situation Normal operation Figure 6.

dm0565r transistor

Comparing the feedback voltage with the voltage across the Rsense resistor plus an offset voltage makes it possible to control the switching duty cycle. These parameters, although guaranteed at the design, are not tested in mass production. Donpv through the lcd power supply board four light small mouth universal power supply board and easy modification CN Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate.

Temp Burst Mode Enable Voltage vs. In order to avoid this undesired operation, the over load protection circuit is designed to be activated after a specified time to determine whether it is a transient situation or an overload situation. At the instant the internal Sense FET is turned on, there usually exists a high current spike through the Sense FET, caused by primary-side capacitance and secondary-side rectifier reverse recovery.

If the voltage of this pin vm0565r 6.