While pairing a device, like the handset, you may have experienced a problem in installing the device which looks like this:. This will kill all of the pulseaudio services, which seem to be the problem. Download the Broadcom software, making sure you save it to your computer. The time-out on the scan is relatively quick, so be sure to initiate pairing mode on your Bluetooth device before starting a scan. November 17, at 1: When you download the Broadcomm software, are you saving to disk before running it?

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After a full day of cursing and swearing I came across this piece of art ;o I just followed your guidelines the silly thing finally works!!!!! Gough for posting this. I have searched for days to get my bluetooth dongle and headset fully working on both my Windows system, and my Linux system.

I have been able to connect my gs4 but everytime windows seems to install some drivers, and they most install except for bluetooth peripheral device drivers.

This includes all of the Broadcom and Widcomm software. September 11, at 6: Unfortunately, audio stubbornly refused to work, but this is quite a common issue with blueman and bluez. Maybe the Connect button in the Bluetooth Places is greyed out after pairing? Then, after a reboots, the CSR Harmony bit setup. I had previously tried the CSR Harmony drivers without success on an older dongle. Gilles from Paris France says: I bluetkoth able to find a way to get my bluetooth dongle and headset working on linux before I found this guide to help me to set it up on windows.


Sorry for the long comment, but really hoping you can help.

Review: Avantree Bluetooth 4.0 Micro USB Dongle

I’m on Windows 7 and I’m trying to stream music from my us s4 to my pc. To test its Low-Energy radio abilities, I was able to scan for and pair with my Adonit Jot Touch and Jot Script, although as there is no profile supportthe connections are not usable.

Once that succeeds, you should see a bubble indicating the connection has been established. Or does it show the exclamation mark in Device Manager?

Message 7 of 7 8, Bluetokth. Select the device, and click next, and secure simple pairing takes care of the rest. Are you having problems when you install your Bluetooth audio device and it fails to install correctly? Pairing devices compared to using older Version 1. This may be a compatibility issue.

Micro USB Bluetooth Adapter “failed to update Blue – Best Buy Support

I removed all these driver remnants below i did get my headphones to work but audio was terrible and crackling! January 16, at 5: While generally touted as easy to set up and get working, for a variety of reasons often related to the quality of the software Bluetooth stack provided with many USB Bluetooth devices, users have often found frustration in getting things beyond just basic file transfer working.


Download the Broadcom software, making sure you save it to your computer.

The default Windows Bluetooth stack is not this capable! Click for more about me!

Then, you can execute the set-up from the disc which involves following the prompts … At this point, it is buetooth to restart your computer to ensure that the software starts up correctly, despite the wizard not requesting it. December 24, at June 7, at 7: My Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone connects to the Logitech unit without a problem.

I had been dealing with pairing an audio device using my CSR dongle for 2 days and I was able to achieve this by following your regedit instructions the device, at first, was paired while the default Microsoft supplied driver was active — thank you! You solved my problem perfectly! If you have any doubts, I would recommend exporting the keys you are going to delete into a.

March 23, at 8: