Checking The Transmission Result Changing To Ethertalk Lan-fax Cover Sheet Editor Using The Printer Function Specifying A Destination Print Job Information

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Displaying Machine Status Using The Printer Function Setting Lan-fax Properties Forwarding Received Documents Lan-fax Error Report Switching The Reception Mode Changing To Ethertalk More Transmission Functions Solving Operation Problems Entering An E-mail Address Don’t have an account?

Paper Size And Scanned Area Table of contents Operating Scnner Loading Fax Journal Programming An End Receiver Configuring The Network Interface Board Understanding Displayed Information Table of contents Manuals For This Machine Acceptable Original Sizes Transmission With Image Rotation Image Density contrast Installing The Software Using Key Operator Settings Programming A Memory Lock Id Attaching A Cover Sheet Quitting The Forwarding Function Key Operator Tools List Changing The User Parameters Handy Dialing Functions Accessing User Tools facsimile Features Deleting A Special Sender Detecting Blank Sheet Setting Priority Trays Print Job Information Connecting The Telephone Line Search By E-mail Address