Instead of connecting the “audio out” to the TV-monitor you could of course use a separate audio amplifier, or active speakers with built-in amp. View The Archive Reviewed in this issue: At the time of going to press, however, we’re told that the board is supported by version 1. Thankfully, the power needed to get good results is very accessible, and most currently available PCs should prove more than adequate. Of course your graphics board MUST support overlay.

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Canopus DVRaptor RT2 – video capture adapter – PCI Overview – CNET

Only the location of the rvraptor is different when a RaptorBay is installed. How to get started with computer video editing. Rather oddly, on its initial release, Raptor RT2 wasn’t supported by Canopus’s own editing program, Edius.

In order to survive in an increasingly software-orientated market, makers of DV editing cards have to offer more than just capture and output – drvaptor at present, that means real-time playback of effects, titles and transitions that would otherwise require rendering.

Fair pricing petition Home.

You can do this in a somewhat “DIY” style, by soldering a few plugs and a transistor together and change the codes in the camcorder yourself. As with offerings from Pinnacle and Matrox, it provided real-time output of many effects via analogue channels only – DV output still required rendering.

And, the multi-source DV Capture utility is a stroke of genius. Please use the latest drivers for your board download them from the manufacturers homepage, for instance.


Canopus Announces DVRaptor RT2 and DVRaptor RT2 Power Tools

To see if your graphics board supports overlay you et2 download Raptest from The Canopus Support pages. You can have both composite and S-video cables connected, but you can not use both at the same time. Pentium MHz and up bumpless switching to software overlay is possible only with drivers 2. For making an analog connection between DVRaptor and other devices you have 2 options: Enabling DV-in afterwards dvrsptor NOT supported nor advised by the camcorder manufacturers, and is completely for your own risk!

That way you can watch your footage or your final production in high-quality –and very smoothly– on the VGA monitor.

And while Adobe Premiere Pro has just been released, we concluded in our tests that it wouldn’t work in tandem with the Raptor RT2. Years ago, when DV editing was new and unpredictable, there was one capture card that we could rely on to give first-rate performance and almost faultless stability dvraptpr Canopus’s DVRaptor.

Canopus DVRaptor RT2 Max – video capture adapter – PCI Overview – CNET

Our initial bad feeling largely stemmed from the realisation that a 1. Well, yes and no. Firstly, while Raptor RT2 is designed to work seamlessly with Adobe Premiere 6 and above, the program is not included – Canopus does include EzEdit, its own basic software, but it’s a near certainty that users will be buying the card for use with something better.

You only have output, when you have input And, while it did an excellent job, the overall package fell flat for us, due to a lack of analogue video input. Please check the Canopus website for more info. What is good is that Canopus’s effects plug-ins are well designed, and have a no-nonsense, business-like feel to them.


Editors wanting more than the DV or RT. Join our ongoing campaign. Smooth moving pictures in the editing- and capture-software.

Input and output are intended to be used for overlay on the VGA-monitor, while the output is also passed straight to an output connector of the same type for dvraptpr external TV-monitor. Pentium MHz and up bumpless switching to hardware overlay is possible only with drivers 2. To use S-video you have to change this. I have used different colors for the different types of connections: Things have changed since then, and the task of getting DV footage to and from a computer has become a very simple one.

Please note that some TV-monitors only provide video-in, no audio-in. If your set-up includes a RaptorBay, please follow it’s instructions for connecting things, both internally and externally. Canopus has been very strong in the real-time market for some years, with the professional Rex RT solution and the more affordable Dvraptoor Storm cards, but it has yet to make any significant waves in the mid-priced mainstream, currently dominated by Pinnacle’s DV and Matrox’s RT.