The driver has been a complete private effort. With a passive card, the computer in which the card is installed has to perform these functions. It is special in that you use it with HiSax which normally works only for passive cards. In principle yes, however your hardware choice is currently limited to active cards and external devices. And this company did not even give away drivers for other operating systems, like Windows, for free for many years I know about All kinds of ancient hisax definitions are still left in these drivers.

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The developers will try to support new Teles cards when information about how to access it becomes available, and when they have no other priorities. You have to connect to an internal ISDN bus. This has lead to the situation where a re-branding company! Some NT from Quante had a wrong labeling. No such file or directory here are some more inputs: Also, it is possible to give up one B-channel in exchange for reading the complete D-channel protocol, which is great for isdnlog.

Dynalink IS64PH ISDN adapter Free Driver Download

ELSA has made their specifications available to the developers, and provided a lot of support, resulting in an excellent driver. Generally not, but it doesn’t need to. As long as there are more people happy with ia64ph little project than complaints, I won’t change the name. However, some special software named PBX4Linux has been written for this. Even companies that buy Teles cards and resell them under their own name have not been able to improve the support.


The following list isn’t very exhaustive yet. Please give me the name of your driver if use a different one.

[Asterisk-Users] chan_misdn and Dynalink IS64PH ISDN

When you can not dial out, the most common problem is that you have not set the MSN properly for outgoing calls, which causes the PBX to refuse your request. Of course you can always send a patch. If it still doesn’t work, try switching them both.

One very interesting thing: The reason is that it can fax on both channels with AT class 2 commands, and includes a V.

Please write me if anyone ever succeeds. Here, I’ve got some points from the TODO list which I definitely can’t do myself in the near future for different reasons.

The developers have invested a lot of private effort into getting this card to work from the beginning without receiving any support. Terminal adapters are designed to behave either like a modem or like a network card. There are three options for internal isdn in the SUN enviroment: Visit the following links: Obviously you can also not make use of binary drivers, unless you find a binary compiled for 64bit.


One of the most frequently asked questions for Teles cards: Usage of the capi driver is completely optional, you might as well stay with the standard driver if you do not need capi support. More information on company and hardware is available on: Modern SUN-workstations and servers have a different busstructure nowadays.

If this is not feasible, you can get the module pcitest from Karsten Keil keil isdn4linux. For dial in be aware that some PBX add a leading 0 to any incoming telephone number, so adjust your configuration for the secure option accordingly.

Dynalink IS64PH ISDN ADAPTOR Free Driver Download

For example, have a look at dynzlink dialout program wvdial. I heard that the AVMFritz! These active cards are currently supported by an individual driver: Your MSN is usually the extension at the end of your telefon number. Thanks in advance Petar.