Recently I tried S-video and found that to be the default i. It’s a mystery to me why this synchronization hasn’t happened with your present kernel 2. There’s some information in the Sourceforge thread http: So, not a brilliant test. The current version 0. So I have now got it installed and got a nice picture on mplayer and VLC but no sound. Allocated frame buffer 0 at ffffce

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I’ve already sufficiently revealed my ignorance, so I’ll say nothing about Nintendo Wii: Also take a look here: To test it, usn in the EasyCAP, open a terminal window Unity users click on the topmost Ubuntu icon and type “terminal” in the search box and try the command: Hope this helps someone. I googled for 2.

I’d be inclined to experiment with different cables, connectors and alsamixer settings in an attempt to revive the sound which you heard initially.

I have a PAL camera here.

How to fix it? Anybody having any luck with it? I installed the synteck driver on Ubuntu 8.

Can’t be bothered to read 17 pages. Take a look at this thread which sub about the same device: Borrowed it from a friend and since the USB port on my JVC hard drive video camera went out but the AV cable still works, so I want to be able to record straight to my laptop. In these circumstances the same problem easycwp on Ubuntu Spent all morning looking for the readme. Also realized that after a reboot the kernel module wasn’t getting reloaded, so will be adding that to modules file.


Tv viewing and recording solutions for Linux: Mtvcgui

I have the Easycap that is listed as 05e1: I may have a fix for this usbb the next version of the driver, but I’m not sure yet.

I suggest you install qv4l2 thats a lower case “L” and do some initial checks. It’s all new to me! And xawtv option don’t show NTSC norm option.

At this point I was going to go on a rant about VLCs huge files that break Kdenlive’s ability to view the footage but it cannot record it due, I suspect, to an issue with mlt Guvcview crashing every time I hit the record button. We were hoping that these empia ones would be pain-free, but I guess not.

I bought an unbranded device from e-bay and it looks like teh easycap one, has the same ID, and works following these instructions. Some websites mention that the xawtv output is de-interlaced with DC However, neither tvtime nor camorama show picture or give sound.

Right, I now have it working but there is a delay between when it is processed on the gamecube to when it is shown. I forgot to mention it here, but it’s working perfect now.


USB Flash Drives

I have not loaded any kernel modules. Also, when i tried to quit isb, the application got frozen. I’ve managed to compile and install the stk11xx module and it is working almost fine, but the image is slightly cropped on top and right sides. So I think an internal component may be over-heating and shutting down. VIA chips are usually very inexpensive.

If it doesnt then its likely you may not have all the required dependecies installed for the package to compile properly. Id check and see via eaycap or synaptic or similiar whichever package manager you use and you may have more than one kernel installed, and the older one may be selected by default in your boot-loader config.?

I’m using ubuntu I’m at the stage of tidying up the source code removing things I tried but didn’t workand will then move on to running my usual panel of tests to check that I haven’t impaired any existing functionality in introducing the ZoneMinder capability.