Though this is a minor issue, you can always feel that the modem heats up after hours of use. IBM Deskstar 8- 8. This is solely missing from the older plain vanilla design ;. Both were upgraded to the latest V. So, how does it stack up in the real world performance? Overall, this modem do not sport much bad points and many areas are improved from the past faults

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You need to have the exact information if your connection is working properly or the line is experiencing some problem, this can easily be observe through the LEDs. One point AZTECH need to consider is maybe the addition of a proper hardcopy manual rather than the thin few pages of quick installation guide. This increase of memory is said to enhance the modem ability to process and store data faster, since data to and from your modem will have to pass through the ROM for decoding and encoding purposes before transmission.

Let us now take a closer look. I am extremely pleased of its overall performance. Fairly easy to use and setup for novice.

Some modems have just a few display LEDs, might not be enough for me and the power users. However, with the current serial port, we are only limited to justKbps.

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Cracking out the juice of the chipset to satisfied your desire. The flash version is exactly the same, suprised suprise! Read on for more Worth every bucks of your cash for sure! An example is the ‘NETMEDIC’ software which you can download from Vitalsign to provide 30 days of trial use which shows log data, actual realtime transfer rates em680 many more information about the modem and your internet connection.

The benchmark results are nothing e6800 suprising.

Aztech Labs EM6800-U Modem Driver

The modem also doubles up as an answering machine. A must thing to note is ek6800 when purchasing a em68000. You have to buy a modem that suit the ISP’s end server. Pacific Internet is the only exception as 3Com’s USRobotics modems or the Texas Instruments based chipset modem will have lower connection rates and downloading speed. AZTECH have once again show us that they are seriously putting in effort to earn a living in this modem industry.

Just image a McLaren pit against a Ferrari in the Formula-1 race. Overall, this modem do not sport much bad points and many areas are improved from the past faults MS DirectX Version 6. I will definitely advise users to print out the manual provided in the installation disk as it highlight some very important issues on installation and ek6800.

And of course a h modem features does not just ends here, the 56K Turbo has the ability to send or receive faxes with a IBM Deskstar 8- 8. Once the user feel those software are useful, they can basically download or order directly to the Software company.


You can of course grab a piece of colourful art for yourself.

These two servers are the reasons why you have been enjoying 56K connections in Singapore all the while. The support you get should be rather good according to local em8600 as very low RMA return rates are reported.

Aztech EMU 56K External Modem Free Driver Download for Windows 98, 95 () –

The green translucent overall gave this modem a better feel than the white colour design and also opening at the rear end of the modem to allow better air flow. Though this is a minor issue, you can always feel that the modem heats up after hours of use.

Surely it is not very attractive to look at after all, it is a 2 year old design.

Downloading speed are on par with big guns like the USRobotics 56K modems. Since analog modem’s speed technologies are already on the maximum horizon, this would probably be the last ever analog modem you would ever owned.

As for full installation and technical details, you can always refer the the CD-ROM dm6800 contains a pages detailed manual. Now with a touch of a colour, this modem is repacked and k for some action in local modem market scene.