Anyone using it with logic? Dec 14, 2: When i try to scan and install, it doesnt get recognised. With ableton you can assign all midi channel 1 layer of controls, and then switch to midi channel 2 via uc33 and assign all the knobs again and switch between the two. Windows Media Center Edition is not currently supported. I hope this works out for me.

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In other words, you can’t set up a controller to change all the parameters of an EQ simultaneously. I have sent several requests to Apple to change this.

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

There are limitations; there is a limit on the number of parameters that can be controlled in each channel strip. I confused 8 with 7.

Mon Oct 17, 7: Mon Aug 19, 6: But i cant seem to assign anything else. The unit also features a drawbar mode which greatly enhances the experience of playing virtual instruments. I just want to mav sure before i purchase this.


Dec 2, 4: Since this device is ‘class compliant’ Dec 15, 1: I have only been able to allocate one control at a time. So just be aware that you might have to turn that off sometimes if you don’t intend to use it.

Ask a question Reset. And also I think there are some some differences between the 33e and the more antique Doesnt look like logic supports it officially, so gotta manually assign stuff.

Can control a broad range of virtual instruments and host applications. Can operate in stand-alone MIDI control mode.

Logic Pro Help

IVe got my hands full already. Your device is class compliant and uses the midi driver that is built into the Mac OS. Jan 8, 4: Im a bit unsure about some things. Enter new zip ebolution to refresh estimated delivery time.

anybody use UC33 midi controller with Log… – Apple Community

A “Controller Mute” function allows for positioning of controllers prior to changing values, thus preventing parameters such as filter cut-off or amplitude levels from jumping abruptly during performance.


Dec 13, 4: The UC can be used to control all sounds in MainStage. My MIDI guitar uses channels This I find is a severe limitation. Have fun with your ideas. I probably have had msc issue before just had amc heard it referenced in such a way. I run everything from channel 12 now.

With your mouse, click and move the filter cutoff knob on the EXS. It is about te same as plugging midi devices via a midi cable.

Dec 17, 9: Dec 14, 2: