Visit the following links: This is good for learners or to keep track of what is happening. Am looking at this thing right? The current version is: Then you can install them:. Users without yum, download fuse , fuse-lib and ntfs-3g ntfsprogs and ntfsprogs-gnomevfs are optional from Fedora Extras.

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Re: Reading NTFS partition from FC6

Every command provided on this page will work if you remove sudo from the command. Wed Mar 14, Registration is quick, simple and absolutely free. If you wish yum to automatically install downloads and make changes, run yum with the -y answer “yes” option. This book contains many real life examples derived from the author’s experience as ntcs Linux system and network administrator, trainer and consultant. Fri Jan 19, It is best to have Samba installed in the installation process. A mount point is just a directory.

You do not have to use these names, if you prefer to create folders such as movies, documents, or winxp, any name will work without spaces. For users who upgraded from FC5 please read the known bugs and problems. If you have an i system most new computersthen enter: This package provides kernel headers and makefiles sufficient to build modules against the kernel package.


If there is a real problem which is solved nffs disabling IPv6, then that is not normal — that means there is a bug either in Fedora or more likely these days a problem with the local network or nameservers which should be reported and fixed.

Restarting xfs may not be necessary. For convenience I have created the RPM please do not link directly to this file: In order to add MP3 playback you must install from a 3rd party.

Use this information at your own risk. Hi, can you explain or give me some link to how to update the fuse module? Could some one check if new rpm install smooth.

Installing the kernel source is typically NOT needed unless you wish to re-compile your kernel or for some special development. The current version of Adobe Acrobat is 7.

Tuxera Support – View topic – Updated RPMS for FC6 & RHEL 4

Download the GPG Key and run:. So the answer is some FC6’s include ntfs nrfs and some don’t and if not you can add it. Amarok requires you to select an “engine” which can play different media.


Sat Dec 29, Managing Services in Fedora http: For xorg driver, select the one matching the latest Nvidia driver 1. View LQ Wiki Contributions. A third party repository should be used.

This configuration file is very descriptiveread through it to ntrs more ideas or information. Import the GPG keys to these repositories:.

If you wish to eliminate the slight extra resources consumed by enabling IPv6, then you may do the following steps.

Re: Reading NTFS partition from FC6

If you updated your kernel, then the typically the last 2 or 3 releases of the source of the kernel will be available though the Fedora updates. If not yum users can install using: Thank you xjlittle that was a point in the right direction.

I already installed kernel