Longitudinal Pockels cells need transparent or ring electrodes. Pockels cells can have two different geometries concerning the direction of the applied electric field:. Wider rise times are also avalable. Encyclopedia … combined with a great Buyer’s Guide! For full-text searches, use our search page.

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Delay between the external triggering pulse and the output high voltage pulse dell about ns. Typical dimensions of FDM series pulsers are x60x40 mm. FDS driver is connected to the Pockels cell by cables with the impedance of Ohm. A transverse Pockels cell consists of two crystals in opposite orientation, which together give a zero-order wave plate when the voltage is turned off.

Pockels cells are voltage-controlled wave plates.

FID GmbH – Applications – Pockels Cell Drivers – FDS MB Pulse Generator

Here are csll examples of typical models General specifications Maximum output voltage can be chosen between 1 and 10 kV. Pulse duration of the voltage pulses can be selected in the range from 0,2 ns to tens of microseconds. FDG – Pulsers for high capacitance Pockels cells, including cells with plasma electrodes.

The triggering is both internal and external.

Such variant of connection allows significantly lowering of the average power of the driver while keeping operating voltage and pulse duration. Thus the current gain of this transistor is one for 3 ns switching, but it still has voltage gain.


Modular drivers require DC power input of V and triggering pulses with the amplitude of V, rise time of ns and pulse duration of ns. The field is applied through electrodes at the sides of the crystal. The gate needs 5 V pulses range: To do this, the gate signal is connected via optical fiberor the gates are driven by a large transformer.

Putting it at the end of a transmission line leads to reflections and doubled switching time. Encyclopedia … combined with a great Buyer’s Guide! This leads to polarization rotation if the alignment is not exactly parallel or perpendicular to the polarization.

Pockels effect

Note that the first index i runs from 1 to 6 in this contracted notation, where e. Misalignment leads to birefringence and to a large phase shift across the long crystal. The driver may employ a cascade of crll and a triode. FDM modular type drivers have a compact size fiv makes it easy to place them very close to a Pockels cell. Wider rise times are also avalable. Pockels cells are used in a variety of scientific and technical applications.


Q-switchingchirped pulse amplificationand cavity dumping use this technique. The Pockels cell thus acts as a voltage-controlled waveplate. Longitudinal Pockels cells need transparent or ring electrodes.

For full-text searches, use our search page. These pulsers are designed to control the performance of Pockels cells with a capacitance from 1 pF to up to pF or to carry the Ohm resistive load. A Pockels cell is a device consisting of an electro-optic crystal with some electrodes attached to it through which a light beam can propagate.

This page was last edited on 6 Octoberat Larger apertures are possible without increasing the half-wave pockrls. Maximum output voltage can be chosen between 1 and 10 kV. The signal from the driver is split into parallel lines that lead to both ends of the crystal.

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The Pockels effect occurs only in crystals that lack inversion symmetrysuch as lithium niobateand in other noncentrosymmetric media such as electric-field poled polymers or glasses.