In the left window choose Networking, in the right the programs you wish to install. Let setup change the buffers Choose a username, f. Most packet drivers can be unloaded after use with the option ” -u “. After changing the configuration files above: Remove the old configuration files. At the next screen, select 1 to create the primary DOS partition. On an empty hard drive, this uses all of it.

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Reboot boot messages packet driver That’s all. Where to find them The first place to look for a packet driver should be the installation medium that came with your card. This page was last modified on 31 Januaryat Put it into an directory C: If you just created your DOS partition, the installer can format it for you. Please see the HowTo about VirtualBox. This page has been accessed 44, times. Replace the configuration with these files: Do not choose the option: Select your preferred language.


The install CD has to be present to see all the packages available. Copy the two files EMM The FDISK program will warn you that you need to reboot your computer for pakcet changes to take effect. If you prefer to use the old memory manager of FreeDOS 1.

COM 0x60 5 0x In the example above the driver is loaded into high memory by using the command ” LH “. FDNET is mandatory for networking in virtual machines. Let it install itself into C: In the left window choose Networking, in the right the setyp you wish to install. So either you put fixed IPs in here. Read the freedos wiki for details.

FreeDOS Software

EXE from the same directory. CFG with a line: Most people will want this. And three files from Microsoft: You have to decide between bridged Networking or NAT.

Mount the VHD according to the wiki.

He made the experience that packet drivers are often the same for a large number of models by the same manufacturer, so he recommends not to detup finding a packet driver specific for your model number. If you don’t press a key in fifteen seconds, the installer continues anyway.


For instance set the name and password for the FTP server by editing C: If you want to do the latter, Open C: The FreeDOS installer lets you reboot your computer. The host should not access the image, while it is live in VirtualBox.

Install Howto – FreeDOS

Remove the old configuration files. Let setup change the buffers Choose a username, f.

BAT is able to identify the following virtual machines: It’s a bit of work, but you can use these drivers as packet drivers.