Do not use a damaged or uninsulated cord to avoid the risk of electric shock and a fire accident. Using [ ] and [ ], configure a power saver mode migration time in 1 minute increments. It may break the glass and cause injuries. Trouble during Faxing Cause The machine is in the system administration mode. This mode is convenient for confirming the sender or using an external telephone to confirm whether it is a fax before beginning reception. Refer to the Network Administrator Guide for details.

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All Feature Fuhi Settings Resets the feature access limit for all users. E-mail 5 Scan E-mail You can scan a document and send the scanned data as an e-mail attachment.

Select the [Completed Jobs] tab. In some sections of this guide, they are referred to as “finisher”. Gently remove the paper. Send Date and Time Prints the transmission date and time.

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Recipient s E-mail Backspace Moves the cursor back to delete one character. Prompts for your user ID only. Authentication And Auditron Administration 13 Authentication and Auditron Administration The machine has the Authentication feature that allows you to restrict the use of features and the Auditron Administration feature that fujj you to keep track of how often each feature was used.


If you inhale toner particles, move to a fresh air location and rinse your mouth with water.

If it is available, contact our Customer Support Center. Account Details It is also available to print contents for confirmation before resetting. Is the document a Place the document on the document transparent type such as a You can select from the existing job flow sheets or create a 501 job flow sheet.

Original Type Selecting the Document Type Finisher Tray optional Tray 5 Prints from Tray 5 Bypassafter instructing to print and then operating confirmation Changing The Paper Settings 9 Paper and Other Media Changing the Paper Settings The following describes how to change the paper types for Trays 1 to 4 and how to set image quality processing by individual paper type. To make full and effective use of the machine, we recommend using only paper recommended by Fuji Xerox.

Table of Contents Delayed Print Gently return the document feeder tray to its original position. The machine searches through job flow names that were registered upon each job flow creation. Subject E-mail Subject Set the e-mail subject using the following procedure.


Data remains in the printer Cause The machine is not powered on. Both Pages Copies both pages in page order.

If the operator cancelled printing a document that was received using the Fax to Mailbox or iFax to Mailbox feature: This machine supports two types of printer languages: Step 1 Entering the System Administration Mode If the circuit does not work properly, contact your local Apesport Xerox representative.

When the E-mail, Scan to Mailbox, or Scan to PC service is registered in a stored program, the use of the stored program is also restricted. fhji

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Originals Head to Head Select this item when the front and back faces of the document are in the same orientation. If any lock directory. Authentication failed because of the incorrect user name or incorrect password. Can be set in steps of 0. Select a comment from [Comment].

A stored program can store not only settings of a feature, but a flow of settings configured on multiple screens.