After checking the forums out this seems to be the perfect place to ask my really noob question and i ask for forgiveness in advance! The options that will be displayed are: I’ll cover the taskbar now as it includes all features the hotkeys have to offer aswell. As for media playback it is Moonshell like I said previously so I will not go into that further. The bottom screen will show you the date, time temperature and file information while the top screen shows the actual menu or at least the “taskbar” side of the menu together with a file selection screen.

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I excitedly opened the package, and inside it a normal box, but the design looked impressive. This is something I have yet to see reall other reviews, which is strange as it is an advertised feature. Very sad I must say as I was really looking forward to this feature. Like all other Slot-1 flash carts, it is exactly the same size of that of the Nintendo DS cartridges. The SC rumble series are also supported to act as a rumble pack only like normal games, nothing specific.

The G6DS Real sticker gets scratches ever so slightly every time you push it into the reader.

It could be that my unit is partially malfunctioning though I have not been able to find any faults in the memorybut this does make my results slighly unreliable. Within the menu, you can click X to swap screens, and you can click Y to change the brightness level.


Far nicer than any other box the M3 team has pumped out. I build computers regularly from XP to Windows 7 and never needed to find drivers for the G6 adapter.

Design Boxart, manual and product appeal.

DS Fire Link – the No. Save game is automatic.

G6DS Real 8Gb NDS Backup Unit, G6 DS Real for DS/Lite – TradeAsia Global Suppliers – Asia

When you open up the folder which is held together with a sticker you will find: Writer consistent with a previous use, plug and play, in the XP system will by default to U disk, without any exterior drive, the system automatically installs and identifies and saves you a lot of unnecessary trouble. The plastic pin separators help guide the connections.

It gets detected like any other flash based device and is ready to write to drag-n-drop. Brush free, free guide, free conversion, driver-free, plug-and-true use; 2. Even more surprising and bothersome is the fact that DLDI homebrew is not automatically patched more on that later under “Game Support” as advertised!

When it comes to official games support the G6 reigns supreme. The G6DS Real does not damage or get damaged because of this.

DS Fire Link® F-Card NDS «

As for the carry case and Caard extention cable, both are quite nice and of proper quality and are nice goodies. You can either have the G6DS Real set to auto boot when you turn on your DS and bypass the main Reql menu, or you can set it up so it g6ds real like a regular DS game and appears in the main menu. With features such as download play, cheat engine, and obviously high performance memory. This works with pretty much any game but g6dx seems to be broken.


The G6 Team informed me that the 2. Aside from when using homebrew the menu system is very simple and if you are a first time user you won’t have any problems with using it though also displaying header information would have been nice.

In the game-info screen there will be two tabs once you have set the cheat file. And in general, the features do not seem very polished yet.

DS Fire Link | F-Card NDS

If you hover your selector over a game and press the SELECT button you reap get a pop-up menu in which you can set a save-file. It was probably left out during packaging. Inside the box we find a plastic holder for the components inside: Personally I wouldn’t use this feature but if you are using your G6 with two people I can see why this is useful and as it also works without problems who am I to complain: Features Writee in extra features of the NDS media adapter card.

Therefor not too long ago the SuperCard team rereleased their product with a new packaging and new PCB design. Good luck reading that!