This is most observable at x where the required card fillrate is high and the increase in memory clocks giving higher memory bandwidth are helping. Let’s take the Hercules 3D Prophet family as an example: The replacement for the old GeForce3. This year’s fall update saw only moderate changes, and the chips belonging to the Titanium series – the Ti and Ti – only differ from the original GeForce3 in memory and core speed. Let’s tear to pieces then But it comes with VIVO.

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ASUS’ solution is nontransparent, though, in that you have no real control over the level of overclocking.

Suma Platinum GeForce2 Ti. The memory clock was able to be pushed to at least Mhz in all benchmarks and at least Mhz on the core clock was doable with often quite a bit more. Untweaked out of the box performance is more than a match for any game at x resolution given the correct base platform. You espect a 1 to 2 point increase per 1Mhz increase on the memory clock with such a card. Verto GeForce3 Ti Suma: Card Installation and Drivers Card installation couldn’t have been simpler.

After all, a flickering image is better than no image at all.

Gainward GeForce2 Ti/ XP Video Card Review

As we move up to x and then x we see that as the fillrate required by the card increases, the Mhz processor doesn’t become the limiting factor and the card clocks have a decent effect on performance. The deciding factor in a card’s stock speed is the card BIOS, which sets the memory and core clockspeeds.


Not only is the usability of the computer reduced, the maximum output resolution is also limited to either x or x depending on the encoder chip’s ability to scale the image. During boot-up, press the pause key when the monitor displays the PCI devices.

It’s a fairly old benchmark at the moment as the performance figures are going to show us. A combination of core and memory clock increases are the key to high 3DMark scores. The suspects by name: Performance increase at x shows us that we are CPU limited at that resolution. That is why we can expect a considerable performance gain. The card also stands out with it’s red colouring and decent bundle. Finally, we have Aquamark.

Gainward GeForce3 PowerPack !!! Ti/ – NVIDIA GeForce2/3 Titanium Roundup – January

Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: Do you remember Geforce2? The cooler is rather huge: If you’re planning on treating your computer to a new video card this Christmas, you’ll face a difficult decision – the choices have never been so good, or so hard.

Just compare and MHz! It appears to be just a cosmetic tweak away from the sky-blue Special Edition. This t5i00 calls for the introduction of a new chip in the spring, which is then followed up with a refined and tweaked version toward the end of the year.

NVIDIA GeForce2/3 Titanium Roundup – January 2002

Both tests are meant to demonstrate whether the card corresponds to its level. Here we come to the Gates of the Gainward Kingdom where golden samples hide.


From this multitude, we have attempted to pick the most important and most interesting models – or at least the most important and interesting of the ones available to us.

This shows us that increased memory bandwidth, whilst increasing performance, isn’t the most important factor. The clocks used were able to loop Aquamark without any problems are were perfectly stable. However, my estimate is subjective and depends on a certain card and on whether a monitor and a card get on.


However, with the increase in core and memory clock like we see in the 3rd graph entry, we get a further point increase. Lastly, the bundled software may be more of a deciding factor than the brand name.

Many Ti boards are also based on the old GeForce3 reference layout. See text for details.

Noteworthy is the fact that to estimate 2D graphics you should have a high-quality monitor, and if the latter has BNC connectors you should use them.