Posted February 19, The gateway] [Episode Make a note of all the businesses that receive frequent attacks and place armed guard. You better off just claiming land leading to his office and killing him. Without this person’s effort, we wouldn’t have a completed FAQ of this game. This car usually comes with completing a secondary objective. The others will have to wait.

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When moving on to Pink, there are 2 things you can try.

As for the illegal site workers, rarely do they fight back. Heres some answers to the most popular ones: Dublin Ireland Posts Therefore, claiming land should be canmot as quickly as possible. But if he’s become wanted or you have 2 by all means use one of them to kill.

As these sites will be where constant fighting occurs especially around the loan shark area.

Once you’re ready to get kitsen you’ll need to bring all but one gangster to one side of the path leading to his office and the other side with a bomber. Use the assassinate button on all the gangsters. However, if theres no alcohol, most illegal businesses will generate no money like speakeasys or half the amount thanks to jeff for the details.

Gangsters with assassination skill are absolutely useful in all levels, especially in the last few levels when wave upon wave of muscle protected gangsters keep coming. Try and protect the immediate illegal sites in your area. If you don’t, you’re letting go of several precious points for upgrading. Once you’ve got enough money for at least 2 armoured cars, head to their brothels and take them. ganbsters


Once that’s sorted bring any healthy gangsters in cars to mop up the last remaining gangsters that have dispersed.

Kidnapper These people are able to capture people for information and for influence.

The only reason you would want to hire muscle to guard sites is to be alerted of any enemey activity because of gunfire tip from jeff. I go to open the game and get the a message statting it will try to determine the best video mode and that I may see a garbled display for a little bit. But protect it, as it’s pretty close to some rival turf. Otherwise, it’s pointless as there would still be plenty of reserves of muscle even if you killed cannoot outside.

We can do the same with the police. Buy all the muscle and give it to the best fighter.

Gangsters 2: Vendetta FAQ/Hints and Tips for PC by Kegmiester – GameFAQs

Right from the start, sell any unwanted cars like trucks and any spare sedans. Hire extra gangsters if you have to just to stop this surge of people. But the bridge will be difficult to guard with so many gangsters coming In. Assassins make great guards. Every time you throw them out they’ll just flee and get blown to pieces. Tthe trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. They could trash almost everything if you’re not quick enough to kill them.


Ignore silenced pistols and twin packs.

Suspicious Activity Detected

They generate a lot of money an hour. From there on, it’s up to you how you could finish the mission. Charmer skill This is only good when a certain person isn’t under someone’s pay roll. Set up the illegal business in your area at the start quickly and buy that specialist. It’s just tragic to see such good resources going to waste. The key threat in this area are the roaming armoured cars so gang up on them and if none of the cars round the pack can’t take pot shots at the armoured car, shoot the muscle that comes running down to shoot at you.