I find it works better and despite the fact that I miss 16 pixels on either side of the image it really doesn’t matter because that is still outside the TV safe area thanks to TV overscan. Before I forget to mention, this just wrks for win2k – I can’t find the registry settings in win9x. So thats not the trouble. In the computer age there are only like major hardware factories that build the components for ALL other companies geo, magic radar, kodi, ati, nvidia, etc , usually hardware quality isn’t that much of an issue, it’s more of the original hardware design. It can be in the range of “pico “.

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I attached the part of the registry you wanted to have. Well I should have known since when you are developing you have to make sure old builds are gone, thats the way it was for me.

TV Cards and Capture Devices Supported

Lo and behold, the clip was fine. WinMe isn’t too much different from 98, so I don’t expect miracles here If you don’t want to grab the whole btwincsp, grab part, cancel, and avifix them.

Make sure there is no other DVR software running when you do that. So if it works for you it’s nice, it doesn’t for me ; Regards, Koepi. Are there generic drivers about that work under Windowsthat will let bhwincap caspture in x or possibly x?


Getting back to the question at hand. I finally came around to trying these new drivers because the Official drivers didn’t work correctly no sound. With the old drivers installed, btinstaller doesn’t find the card and says “unknown card”, after the procedure described above generiv finds btwincwp card you were searching for.

I wrote ejtagle an email about this issue – and the solution is very easy – but he doesn’t want to support it in the drivers: Real simple solution, I hope it works on my machine: And if you try high like x or x or x it give lot shattering frames. Uninstall and remove the old drivers first with that btinstaller.

Retrieved from ” http: I’d have to conclude that nobody has this problem if you didn’t get a response as, like I said, I’ve seen some pretty bad posts still get responses and people here do want to help if they can.

BT x troubles – VideoHelp Forum

The bad news is my boot drive crashed hardware failure If anyone reading this thread is serious of maintaining and patching btwincap, please let me know if you have some time and the inclination to work on this project. Both work fine, although my TV card kinda garbles the frame order I dunno whose fault this is, prolly the cards Belgabor. How did the direct capture to divx5 go?

I’m wondering if it officially worked good with tuner support. It’s not an IRQ conflict. The person I am talking about here is known on this website as Trevlac. I’m gonna write a mail to the author of the drivers describing this problem, perhaps he can solve it. Might have to gendric out full frame capture for a test, over odd even.


There are still some of us using old bt capture cards. After much fiddling and rearranging of cards in slots, I decided to try capturing a short clip to genfric much smaller IDE boot drive.

I put a couple of clips up for your perusal. Tried Virtualdub and a couple other programs.

Basically, my btdincap brother, with enough cash to buy 25 card direct, can contact geo, and say that he’s a dealer, create a fake website on let’s say geocities. To verify that your drivers actually work, run amcap.

Btwincap x64 – general – Forum

Hm, the DScaler CVS has nothing mentioned about this issue and still relies on the old drivers already included in 3. So your trying to compile Dscaler or btdrivers?

DMA on the hard drive, that is? These manufacturers sell their cards to “Software” developers. I am very well aware that the drivers supplied with my AverTV Studio card are not used when installing Btwincap drivers, in fact, they are uninstalled during the installation of Btdincap drivers.