CbB; Sonar Platinum, and others We followed recommendations in another forum to remove a couple of registry entries, and consequently fixed the Sonar problem. Intel Core i7 K 4. Intel I7 K 3. I could select other driver modes, but it came up blank with ASIO. As an audio professional who relies on his workstation every day, I can’t afford to ignore this and simply hope things don’t fail later on. If that doesn’t work you could try the other method and run an audio cable from your PC to the speaker aux input, then try to set up the WASAPI mode with your PC’s internal audio driver.

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Check in your DAW settings, to see what driver modes are available. If it’s not there, the update will fail.

Dave76 Max Output Level: I was about digging deep to find what is changed registry, ini files, driver chains, etc. Installing drivers from the audio device manufacturer solves that most of the time.

No need to use any registery stuff at all.

Also note that since the redstone update win10 no longer accepts unsigned drivers, you will need to enforce these manually, or download new updated Win10 drivers from the LynX website.


Another potential problem with ASIO is that an app cannot have more than one driver open. Home built i3 3. You could either use the PC internal audio out or headphone out to the aux input on the speaker, or use the USB audio connection as you have described. These are the audio outputs for windows the wdm outputs.

But since you ask about “interfere” and personal “trouble with it”, genedic I had it once. If I can get this to work out, we can eliminate our existing aging USB audio interface and wall wartamplifier, and older speakers.

How to Uninstall Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver –

Forums Posts Latest Yeneric. They should have MS drivers. I have used this procedure for more than a year now, without any ill side effects. I could select other driver modes, but it came up blank with ASIO.

Now – Here is the reason you must make a back-up of that Asio directory. It is a Windows driver model which is far in excess generiic what asio4all can do.

ASIO USB Audio Driver?

But it for sure is no wrapper and not I. Sherman Oaks, CA Status: I chose the latter because I was a asil panicked. I would like to eliminate my audio interface and use this set of speakers for our DAW activities: Win 10 – Interfaces: There is no generic true ASIO driver.


If it does not work, or causes problems I can always restore the original settings. Why make the process more complicated than it has to be and run the risk of it not working? I had to drastically increase the buffer size for M-Audio to almost avoid them.

Installing ASIO4All USB ASIO Driver in a Windows PC

After doing the update, you make a fresh back-up of the Asio directory, and delete that directory again from the c: It seems to run fine with playback using virtual instruments or audio only using the internal Realtek audio chip.

Intel Core i7 K 4. There is a directory named Asio in your C: View More Photo Galleries. Essentials Only Full Version. A list of keys to delete manually?