Overall, the i15s were impressive in terms of forgiveness, consistency of ball flight and distance, and in providing uniform, consistent feel to the golfer within a wide range of strike positions. So my advice, go with the whatever you like. I love the clubs but am having issues with my mid to long irons. I was playing the Bridgestone J36 combo irons before and really like the progressive irons. Stina Sternberg at Golf Digest recently wrote in a blog post that she has been using or experimenting with a set of super game improvement clubs.

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Golf Talk [Episode ].

I have had 3 sets of Ping Irons in pibg golfing life. The mid and short irons are very accurate and the feel is great for a cast iron. I will say that I found that the PING i15s tended to have as much as or more offset, particularly in the longer irons, than many of their peers. By combining high performance with a decent level of forgiveness is a neat trick and Ping have pulled it off with aplomb.

Recently put the g15 driver, 4 wood and 2 hybrids in the bag and I love them all stock graphite I will probably need to get fit clug the irons cause I might be leaning towards the graphite shafts, since I like them so much in my woods. This mixed set works great for all aspects of my game.

Ping i15 Irons

I also know a Callaway sales rep where I live who about years ago provided a local club pro a man with a set of Callaway Big Bertha super game improvement irons, which he used to win a high level regional tournament. Alas, I ended up sticking with what I had, and well, with all the equipment reviews around here my bag is generally a revolving door.


Jon loved the irons, stating they felt muscular while Dave said they were simply fantastic. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

Ping i15 Irons user reviews : out of 5 – 30 reviews –

Thanks for the review. I compensated for this by strengthening the loft by one half club.

Coincidentally, our first child, Sophia, is having her first Also, the lie and loft options with the pings were better. The first thing I noticed when I picked up the irons was the reminder rib installed along the underside of the grips.

These clubs are like sniper rifles, just point and shoot — all they want to do is go high and straight, plus the distances were even better than the i15s. Im an 18 handicapper. My irons are the worst part of my game but its gotten much much better. Will use a G15 hybrid for the longer iron. Out of all of the club types I trialled the Ping i15’s provided the greatest consistancy for hitting my target area and offered my pretty good forgiveness for the strike that may have been just off perfect!

Today’s Golfer

In the process of looking at the G15 irons right now. I like the I but lack ball striking consistency. By the time the i15s get to the 6-iron or so they matched up well with the others.


Yeah, the ball is going to lose some of that back spin, but to be honest, I never generated much, if any spin revjew of the rough even with the pre-rule change groves.

Pingg this with your golf buddies: I tried both in a simulator and hit the i15 a little longer and straighter on a consistent basis. If you are comfortable with your specifications and do not mind taking a bit of a risk, you could save a few bucks on a used set on eBaybut at this point the prices are still quite high, so it may not be worth it.

I am just a golf nut that who is still trying to figure out the game of golf. JB Hey Dimestacker — standard yellow dot. Who cares about working the ball when you get it consistently gofl target. I went from shooting far and rveiew to almost exactly where i wanted and with the most control a golf club could offer.

Glad you love them! Chris said they were easy to align and that the i15s were one of the best iron-heads that the company had ever produced. While the lack of specific feedback and feel is mildly disappointing, the forgiveness offered by the i15 does more than make up for it.