Again, I am using an unmodified linux-gumstix Posted Nov 15, 1: If you want to download related software for a specific board or product, please visit their respective product pages at our online store. In reply to this post by Scott Ellis As I noted in a previous I masked that service and the bluetooth. Gumstix publishes several different pre-built images as well as kernel and bootloader binaries. Seems like the wifi interface has to be up. The Overo processor has built-in

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Help with bluetooth and Overo Y-COMs

This branch contains bleeding edge features, which may or may not be stable. For those users who would like to try them out, the bootloader, kernel and root filesystem are all available. You may also notice another message complaining about not finding user. You will also get a message from bitbake suggesting that you install the psyco JIT compiler for better perfomance. Setting up a global cache may seem like a lot of trouble for a single user system, but it is often quite useful to set up an autobuilder that runs as a gumstx job under a separate user account.

This image is intended for experienced users. A large collection of GUI-based admin tools and window system configuration tools are available. The certified WiLink 8 module from TI offers high throughput and extended range along with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth coexistence in a power-optimized design. These pages summarize the connections and interfaces to Overo COM and expansion boards.


Posted Nov 14, Our Support page links additional resources.

overo ironstorm-y com

Posted Nov 14, 7: FL Connector Attach a U. Once networking can be established, ovedo should be possible to use the network-based applications, transfer user data add more application packages. Upon booting, the keyboard and mouse came to life.

This initial build will take a bit of time since it will need to download all the source code. I could probably even fit a overi cluster of these inside my keyboard. Building Over Linux Images for the Gumstix Overo This article from hackgnar goes over some additional information on building and installing a Yocto Linux image for an Overo Gumstix board.

Gumstix has posted a series of videos that provides an introduction to the features and set up of several Overo configurations.

The build sytem is set up to build for verdex lvero default. To build a basic root file system image that includes Linux 2. Some say keyboards have come a long way since the eighties fortunately the old keyboards are still available if you are willing to hunt for them.

In ovdro to this post by Scott Ellis. If this happens, use su and enter the root password before issuing the commands below minus the leading sudo of course.


Production versions of this system are scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of The typical Gumstix configuration consists of a computer-on-module or COM and an expansion board. It will also create complete images including boot loaders, kernel, and root file system.

This technique relies on OpenEmbedded and Bitbake so all pages related to these tools apply here.

Overo Series

Occassionaly you may even want to do experimental work under a seperate user account. Posted Nov 15, Hi Scott, The systemd running on Gumstix uses a “bluetooth-via-uart.

First establish a serial connection to your gumstix by launching kermit the below assumes you are using a USB – gjmstix converter, adjust as necessary. A port for driving a graphical LCD panel.

Getting Started with Gumstix COMs | Gumstix, Inc. | Gumstix, Inc.

Our Support page links additional resources. It isn’t necessary to install psyco right now, though it is a good idea to install it at some point. Each Gumstix Overo COM can gumdtix on every expansion board of the Overo series, except with one or two exceptions noted on the product pages at www.