Finally, let it not be said that the ArcadePC is not alive and well in Hanaho’s evolving product line. Thanks for the info Benoit. However, it produces a nice effect for that avid classic gamer who demands that authentic play. Check his webpage HERE! Again, my apologies for the inconvenience

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Ringoall rights reserved. As a bonus, I got some great information from a fellow ArcadePC owner who purchased a full size ArcadePC with a trackball control and 3 extra buttons included with the original HotRod.

Friday, 10 October Board changed While this may be disheartening to those people waiting to try this equipment out, rest assured that the product will be of better quality going through this process. Overnight shipping can be arranged in some cases by contacting us for a quote.

What I mean by this is that the ArcadePC uses a HotRod style joystick, but it is ” cut-off ” on both sides to allow it to slide into the cabinet. Secondly, Hanaho has recently added the option of adding an spinner control i.

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MAME HanaHo Hot Rod SE Ultimate Joystick Control – NR!

HotRod and HanaHo are resgitered janaho of Hanaho corp. If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review. What type of haul is okay to post?


Hanaho may have a standard mold for the full-size controller as well, but I did not ask. Thanks for the info Benoit.

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Of course, the site isn’t dead and still is the biggest ressource for HotRod users on the Internet. A horrible album cover? Head over to the HanaHo websiteor directly to the official page.

This model controller has the trackball only, with appropriate coin, start, and game operation buttons. Again, hotrov apologies for the inconvenience T are some minor scratches on the surface, but t is no other damage detected. Our former message board provider is now closed.

So here it is, with a new design and much more to come in the following weeks: Submit a new text post. News are powered by NewsPro. No Drivers or special hardware is needed. Oddly enough, the console looks pretty much like uotrod Super Famicom That old analog PC joystick could never do this!

However, it produces a nice effect for that avid classic gamer who demands that authentic play. For retro type games uanaho causes ghosting and produces latency issues.


Show us your hauls and join the fun! Saturday, 25 October What is this Console?

Hanaho Hotrod Tops

While consoles horod not really carry on the spirit of emulation as well as true emulators, I myself, am ecstatic over the fact that I will soon be able to play some of the greatest fighting games thanks to the Dreamcast or PS2 on my Arcade PC, with the simple addition of the X-Arcade and VGA box.

Although a specific date for adapter release has not been set, the X-Gaming company has verified that the adapters will be available by Christmas of Here is some information via an email that he sent and also a great picture of the ArcadePC full size with trackball interface that he described. HotRod is built solid using Melamine-laminated wood and many real arcade components for that realistic look and feel. So I thought I would share the information I received with you.