Hauppauge Capture chooses the most suitable video mode supported by your webcam. Playing premium content on your console establishes an HDCP connection with your television. When finished running the update, you will be ask to restart your PC. Most of the time this is caused by either one of the Component video connectors is not connected. Create your own event and be watch by thousand followers!

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Freeze in Hauppauge Capture: No, the rocket is powered over USB.

Hauppauge Support | HD PVR model

Hauppauge Capture version Date: Stream your game play compatible with Twitch and YouTube. The process takes 60 days from hv shipment date. You can also transfer the recordings over your home network to your PlayStation 3, Xboxor other high definition media player.

After upgrade, the Rocket USB cable must be unplugged and replugged to complete firmware upgrade. In standalone mode, if the time stamps on the recordings on the flash drive are not correct, download and install the Hauppauge Capture application from this link: If you have it enabled, the Xbox automatically retrieves your TV’s audio and video settings.

You are now done. You’ll receive a notification e-mail confirming the amount of the refund. The Windows Media Center electronic program guide operates as normal with supported set top boxes.


Hauppauge | Hauppauge Capture Application

Here is the latest Hauppauge Capture Manual. You may then record to any of the hard disk drives installed or connected to the PC, including external drives.

Click Install and the firmware upgrade will begin. Once your recordings are on your PC hard disk, you can play them back directly on your computer screen using the included ShowBiz application.

Support: HD PVR model 1212

The hauppague formats you can record in are: Add commentary to your gameplay recordings. Any editing or cuts made in the middle segments of a clip will result in the audio being transcoded back to 2 channel audio. HD PVR’s video pass through gives zero delay on your TV monitor, and creates high definition video recordings at the same time!

Is this feature helpful? To resolve this problem, try the pvvr solutions: This is called the ‘Facecam’ feature in Hauppauge Capture. You can record at datarates from 1Mbs to You should see the light go Red. When finished running the update, you will be ask to restart your PC.

Support: HD PVR Rocket

To reset the video, do the following: Please go to the Hauppauge Capture download page and follow the installation instructions once more. This setting will be remembered in standalone mode. Hsuppauge you can release the power button and the PS3 video format will be set to the default p plus AV out.


Once installed you can reinstall Constant Guard. Then you will get the game chat and the game audio recorded, and you speak to your party via Kinect microphone.

Technical Specification User Guide [pdf ]. The Rocket has a built-in audio mixer which will take microphone audio and mix it with game audio so you can add game commentary to your game play recordings. The video position betw in the edit tab frequently not displaying the video preview properly; necessitating having to stop hauppaug play bits of the video to see where you are in the video when you are looking for a place to cut the video.