Enter the option a to erase D -Bug12 portion of flash memory. I have shoved code and done tracing in this setup using CodeWarrior 6. This can have advantages when connecting to high speed targets mostly of use in the JB16 version. The option causes the BDM to continuously update the interface speed to prevent loss of communication in this case. For reference only, software version may be upgraded by the author from time to time. This can take quite a while and may be unreliable. You can erase and program the D-Bug12 monitor portion of the flash memory of the MC9S12DG in bootloader mode, but you cannot erase and program bootloader by itself.

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Notice that the serial monitor s19 file is loaded above. Be careful not to set at 5V for a 3. See details of 4 operating modes on page 15 of the user’s manual. Brm that don’t include explanations may be removed. Some of the following options may be absent from the dialogue for a particular target.

Following the chs08 in the Programming Application 1 to program the bootloader. This provides you with an opportunity to return to the Connection Dialogue to change settings.

This can have advantages when connecting to high speed targets mostly of use in the JB16 version. Warning for HCS12 users: If the BDM does not support the required target then a suitable message replaces the serial number. So this programming application must be accomplished in two steps.


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The power LED on the Dragon12 should be lit. If you have trouble to find the version 5. I would like to know if you have experience with certain BDMs and which type you can recommend. Paul at Phyzx Engineering.

Your Dragon12 will be ready to be programmed with D-Bug12 monitor in bootloader mode. HC12 When launching the debugger you will be presented with the dialogue shown below. The users who voted to close gave this specific reason: We added LCD display routines in D-Bug12 monitor firmware, so the LCD will display a message after power up, but the same message will not appear with the serial monitor firmware and you will only see 16 squares on the LCD.

USBDM – Version 4.10.4 (RS08/HCS08/HCS12/CFV1/Kinetis BDM)

Provides code download, step, break, run and many other debug features. The reason that the Dragon12 board keeps resetting itself is that the supply voltage provided by ooen USBDM dropped too much. Code development would be Codewarrior, which is free for up to 32K of C code.


It will cause a small voltage drop when it’s connected to a target board. Detect button – This may be used to scan for changes in the connected BDMs.

This question appears to be off-topic. Yes, an enclosure is worth an extra cost for me too. Download sourfe unzip the Bootloader and the D-Bug12 monitor. See the post notice: If you have not installed the CodeWarrior you need to download and install the Code Warrior 5.

Go to the folder C: After closing this dialogue debugging will proceed as usual. If the firmware version is old than the DLL version you need to upgrade it, otherwise you may get an error message that says “Failed to open BDM”. Enter the option bolen bootloader will wait for your file. Finally select the “Program Flash”, after a short delay you will see: You need to install the CodeWarrior version 5. Start the de-bugger in the usual fashion after ensuring the appropriate target debugger is selected.

See Good Subjective, Bad Subjective for more information.