In the Mac OS Print dialog: After 15 or 30 minutes, dry off the print head and “stamp” a folded over paper towel. When the line is completely broken, this means the nozzle is out. The printer normally notifies you when this is necessary, but it may be worth trying even if the printer has not suggested it. Corrective action, of course varies, and particularly depending on your schedule and availability of a new printhead.

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Take all the heads out, by opening the cover, and when the printhead carriage is in the correct position, turn the back main power toggle switch off, then unplug the unit.

Avoid using tap water, which could contain damaging contaminants Paper towels, or sheets of paper to rest the printheads on during cleaning Gently wipe the printhead contacts with a dry, clean, soft, lint-free cloth.

Operating for optimal print quality. For each individual colored pattern, check that most of the dashes are present. Alternatively, you can select from the custom options: Physical specifications Printer physical specifications 24 inch printer.

HP Designjet Z3100 Photo Printer Series – Printer specifications

If you select Custom Optionsyou will see the more specific options described above. Environmental specifications Printer environmental specifications. No matter how many other companies try jp copy this ICC profile color management system in the future, what counts is that HP has it available today.


You cannot change the print quality of pages that the printer is already receiving or has already received even if they have not started to print yet.

This part represents the print quality that you will get from each color. If the images looked right, then your profile and color workflow was probably right. A similar chart can be made from your own photos.

Light grey printhead sample bad. It took several weeks of lrint cleaning, manually and internally, and in a several cases replacing the printheads until the colors came back fully on the printhead diagnostic image.

HP Designjet Z3100 Photo Printer Series – Select print quality

Operating sound pressure at bystander. First look at the upper part of the print part 1. On some papers the inner section may look darker, on other papers it may look lighter.

There is a series of numbered stepped diagonal lines. Keep soaking and cleaning until the printhead shows a clean stamp pattern. In the Windows driver dialog: If one or more nozzles are misdirected there will be unequal spaces between the corresponding lines.

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HP ZZ Manual Cleaning of Print Heads

Please look carefully at the print. When I prrint started with a 24″ Z series printer that was given to me, barely any colors were showing at all on the diagnostic chart.

If one or more of the nozzles are clogged, malfunctioning or mis- positioned, you will see that the stepped lines are broken or misdirected in one prnt more places. If you see horizontal lines in part 1 and also missing dashes in part 2 for the same color, the printhead responsible needs cleaning.


Europe, Middle East, Africa.

If you want to play it totally safe – just go buy a new printhead and follow instructions. Then reprint the Image Diagnostics Print to see whether the problem has been solved. The only way to accomplish this is to be able to view a graphic representation illustrating what each printheads is doing and how it is performing.

If you select Custom quality options, you will see the more specific options described above. The challenges and some solutions to printing on canvas with the Z If you know them well, you can organize them similarly and you’ll be able to tell if they look right to you when the whole page is printed out.

In the Windows driver dialog, the rendering resolution for your job is displayed in the Custom Print Quality Options dialog box. If the problem remains, consider cleaning your printheads manually.