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Finally, the directional pad is a great size and form. It is neat to have, but I don’t know that it has much i-,ate use. One interesting thing to note is when using the camera, the devices screen will turn up to full brightness, likely so you can see the live camera feed well.

CE Input Device Type. At first I just discounted it as either standard cell phone issues or that I was mumbling. The screen is bit color with a max resolution of x no VGA supportand has a surprisingly vibrant screen.

i-mate PDA2k – Silver (Unlocked) Smartphone

The device is a PDA, a phone, and a camera, all rolled into one, i-matw it one extremely powerful device. Under the screen is a thumb keyboard and on the back of the unit is a VGA camera. In fact, I use it all the time. Feel free to email me about your own PDA, questions, comments, articles, rumors, and reviews.

i-mate PDA2k

What iPhone should you buy? The bottom of the device has the soft reset button, sync port which can also be used for power, but there is no AC adapter portand the microphone which is not in a good location for phone calls nor for recoding voices in a room. Data service is great for downloading mail headers and checking news pda2i. In any case, a SDIO slot has been included so in case there isn’t something embedded you want, you can use that. T-Mobile is now provides unlimited access on their data network, so this isn’t cool because it can save you money, but it is cool because the WiFi network i-mae likely to be much faster than the i-mats network.


i-mate PDA2k – Full phone specifications

The SD slot is on the back half of the device, and the front half slides up or the back slides down. Pva2k users likely won’t use this because Windows Mobile will take care of the connection and basic configuration, prompting you if a key is needed.

We’ll start the the short range and move up. The mobile world might finally get exciting again in From foldable phones to 5G, here’s why we’re looking forward to next year. I often use WiFi in my daily life and love having it embedded in the device instead of having to use a card.

Having more buttons gives you more options for how to control your device. Then again, lda2k is likely the most powerful and featured packed device I have ever looked at This works i-amte in an environment where there you are not crossing into a lot of WiFi networks you don’t have access to.

For all the features, the device is relatively light and also thin only 0. You can also have WiFi turn itself off if it gets disconnected for to long.

Because of the large antenna on the SDIO card, you can’t slide open the device to reveal the keyboard. Unlike other thumb keyboards, the buttons on this keyboard are slightly different, and I don’t like them as much.

i-Mate PDA2k – GSM – smartphone Overview – CNET

Since one of the primary functions of this device is as a phone, I do feel that pca2k should have been worked out so the device would provide a clear signal for the caller. The application included is scaled down which may not be appreciated by the general user and adds an additional area for confusion when configuring wireless since parts are still done through the Windows Mobile interface. I am not using i-jate screen protector and think that something like a Clear Touch screen protector would help, but still it would have been nice to see some kind of special screen coating to prevent smudging.


Now, on screen buttons don’t get pressed, but usually the screen will get smudged after using it.

There’s more to the tiny wireless earbuds than meets the eye. While it is often slower than other options specifically compared to WiFiit is an extremely available option as cellular networks are much more available than open WiFi networks.

The big reason for why Bluetooth is a i-mat idea on this device is because the device is a phone and new Bluetooth headsets are a great addition to using the device as a phone. Two buttons at the top of the front face, four at the bottom, an action button in the middle of the directional pad, two buttons on the left side of the device, and finally a programmable button on the keyboard.

The device has a slightly different hue to it than other devices, a little darker silver. It is pretty standard, and rather large for my taste.