The important data looks like this: As to what Power Line interface you’ll need, well that depends on the software you are using. The first ‘toy’ I can remember reading about was the networked soda machine and the networked elevator I need references. I need to remove this confusion. I can imagine things like:. In simplest terms it is control and monitoring of devices and information.

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The 2 licenses are not quite compatible so I’ve corrected the license llnux adopted Dan’s License see the License file for more details. The PowerLinc Controller can be used to control X10 devices.

It’s a good reference to accessing the various functions he’s written. It supports the same text file format as InFreeHome but adds the capability to set timers that execute group broadcast in addition to direct commands. Hope to have more soon. Added initial code to spyder to actually spyder an Insteon network.

See Dan’s pages for further details, thanks Dan. That will be the new home of the Linux Home Automation web pages.

iLink INSTEON scene management software

Notes While the code distributed only works with the USB version of the PowerLinc V2 controllers, it would not be hard to replace the low level USB communication code with serial port code. I am going to also provide links to the authors home page so that you may get the most recent version of the software. More information on the Insteon devices can be found at Insteon. So I’ve decided to post my home automation definition a little more prominently on the all-n-one page.


INSTEON technology is also a more cost-effective and reliable technology allowing it to be integrated into a broader range of products. This section isn’t for those. Home Automation with Linux. The use of shell scripts with these insteob should make it possible to do all sorts of neat tricks.

The Second is for the USB version these files will be shown as text so save them without the.

These are press announcements, news articles etc. Right now it’s a alpha code but I think it’s usable.

Homes will have two networks Multimedia and Management. This is useful in cron jobs. BB code is On. Features of both versions Create scenes without physical access to the devices.

iLink INSTEON scene management software

And since I’m using some of his code from x10d I’ll be using Dan’s License. Spoke with Bob Cusey at Insteon and he has no problem with my program other than the name. My interests, like any geek, are in gadgets. I don’t have details on this PLM yet. I have 3 different methods for accessing Mr.


Ability to write individual bytes to a device’s internal memory. I was unable to use the Device:: Software There are several programs listed on liinux page and there is some confusion as to what program is for what purpose. He is correct and this is my fault.

Linux Insteon page was the iplcd page. It’s that this has been written outside their support but is supported by the Open Source pinux. This page is dedicated to Insteon software for Linux. Linux Home Automation Last updated: