If anyone else has a way to get that enabled I’d be stoked out of my mind right now. Posted October 22, This guide and packages are awesome! In synthetic benchmarks, ArsTechnica noted:. As I’ve said, I’m not into gaming well, I am, but I think consoles are better suited for gaming ; I use a computer for work.

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The truth about the GMA x Macbook – Apple Community

So follow the heart second-hand black or the brain new white? I also have a mga iMac 2. Just as a note, trying the method of editing the plist file doesn’t work.

Additionally, albeit buried in technical documents, Apple goes as far as candidly stating that “software with intensive 3D graphics requirements may exhibit performance limitations”. Use of any content or images without expressed permission is not allowed, although links to any page are welcomed and appreciated.

Hackintosh laptop running Yosemite 10.10.1 w/ X3100 graphics

Be careful to not select a resolution that your monitor cannot support. I had exactly the same issue. There must be a reason why Apple changed the graphics in their low end white Macbook. Still, I’m not convinced yet. So is the GMA x flawed hardware wise, or are there simply no decent drivers for it.


IntelĀ® Graphics Drivers for Mac*

Apple is pretty good about making their new versions of OSX run well on older hardware, so not sure if the x is an imtel with Snow Leopard. Just ends up corrupting the install though I was able to replace the modified one with the original, so no big deal. I will try to repair it. Mac OS X Leopard Login when asked then enter this code at terminal. It’s not cheap, however, and would in fact cost me just as much as a new white 2. Thanks a lot to you and your friend!

I’ll compare my computer with yours once more.

By the way, the specs are in my signature. However, Spore on its lowest settings is choppy, Company of Heroes on its lowest settings is unbearably choppy and realistically unplayable, World of Warcraft is choppy and almost unplayable, Command of Conquer Generals inttel its lowest setting is fine. Feb 5, 1: Or sign in with one of these services. But I don’t like the white Macbook.

Intel GMA (not X) – Intel – InsanelyMac Forum

It works great for me. It is a form of the sleep display method in which sleep display is run about 10 seconds after login window loads. Discussion is ongoing in the non-working X sticky thread.


Could your pal suggest a solution for A ga I have the original Core Duo with the GMA which was significantly less powerful than the GMA x and even that runs everything perfectly smoothly. As far as they’re concerned, it might as well not have a graphics adapter at all.

The thing is, I’ve found a second hand blackbook 2. Personally, I’m upset I can’t play Company of Heroes, that game is a lot of fun and historically accurate! I have tried most of the fixes found here on the forum and still do not have full driver support for this video chip set.

They had it for 3 full days and when we went to pick it up, it looked like a brand new machine. So basically, I am not a fan of the x Could I please ask you just attach the kext that works to your posting. I consider iMovie to be low-end editing.