Well thats where I am right now…. So, for these modules as with Nvidia cards you have to build the moduel. I have given another shot, and I have gotten much further, it seems that even though I did have the kernel headers installed for my kernel…. For those having issues with upload speeds on your local LAN there is a patch that has been included in the newest compat-wireless testing branch. Insert into the blacklist file blacklist iwl blacklist mac blacklist cfg Would be nice if I had an AMD processor. We have put up a development mailing list to help in development.

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The development and unstable snapshots are intended only for development and testing. Then I blacklisted the iwl module and rebooted.

How To Install Intel Pro Wireless On CentOS Linux

Then open terminal and navigate to the extracted folder i. I have the exact same laptop that you have. Regards Wolfman Kindness is something the blind can see and the deaf ipw39945 hear Preparation and planning prevent poor performance! Nevertheless, please post the results of the commands I write in my previous post, just to check that everything else is ok.


Workqueue rework for kernel 2. Hi there im having problems with my drivers aswell im trying to install the drivers bt i get errors all the time this is what i did can anyone help me please? So here are the corrections.

Note Note, this project is deprecated. The time now is The ieee subsystem version 1. I think that the problem may be with your router.

BSD Makefile unload root ubuntu-laptop: Select all sudo iwlist wlan0 scan. Their located here and here. I want to run Debian, but I also need wireless to work and the method of building it from source and compiling it into the kernel is just way too convoluted for me to get working. As always, please send feedback, bug reports, feature requests and any fixes you come up with.

ipw3945 wireless card

Thanks Larry, gonna check it out now, will let you know if I get it to work. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Fix potential driver lockup problem: Thanks to Egon for providing this patch! Zoro iwl Card triez triez-HP-Compaqb: January 30th, 5.


Using IPW instead IWL for Intel wireless in hardy | Ubuntu Geek

That should get you going. Building modules, stage 2. If you experience build errors, try Makefile: I patched and installed the ipw module — no problem.

Delayed works and normal works have been split to allow smaller memory usage. Intel Corporation physical id: Wireoess you to everyone who has and may still help….

Select all make sudo make install sudo modprobe iwl exit At this point hopefully your wireless should be working. I know that it works with Ubuntu and Ubuntu is based on Debian. Free Ubuntu User Manual: Insert into the blacklist file blacklist iwl blacklist mac blacklist cfg Is wirrless anywhere someone might be able to point me that might help me doing this?