Of course the iPod and other MP3 devices such as those from Creative also have capacious hard drives, so what sets if anything sets the iRiver device apart? Don’t show this again. Unfortunately, the iRiver software can only make use of this information when you are using MP3 files, and other formats such as WMA or Ogg don’t get indexed. Flashing with Rombox ROM: After flashing the modified Rockbox firmware, that entry point is changed to point somewhere in the bootloader address space 0x1F – 0x1FFFFF to the correct bootloader entry point.

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Mac users looking for more features than the iPod will be happy to know that this player now features Mac compatibility.

iRiver iHP Silver/Black (40GB) Digital Media Player | eBay

Listening on ihp-1440 headphones Sennheiser HD I could easily hear the difference between the iRiver and a CD played directly on a hi-fi. With pure original firmware without Rockboxthe entry point is always 0x which is the start and execution address for the original firmware. I’m sceptical, but if those figures are even half right we won’t be lining up to sue on account of short battery life. Trending Price New. These upgrades generally contain bug fixes and new features. If it detects Rockbox in flash, the bootloader enables additional features including EEPROM support and multiboot option between loading Rockbox from flash or to load from disk as Rockbox is usually loaded.


There’s also an input ihp140 an external mic, which matters to me as I record numerous meetings ihp-40 interviews. Please, no international bidders.

iriver H100 series

You can record uncompressed wav or ogg vorbis files and drag or copy them on here. You may also like. It is a 40 gig unit and works well.

The latest official version of the H series firmware was v 1. Overview of flashing procedure; Flashing has three steps and done in the following sequence, 1.

FM Remote Control Description: I used kbps WMA, and was impressed by the results. If necessary, shutdown and reboot the player.

iRiver iHP Silver/Black ( 40 GB ) Digital Media Player | eBay

Go down to 48kbps and you can quadruple that figure. If you can get your hands on one, go for it, you won,t regret it.

When Rockbox is loaded from disk however, booting is silent. Resilient Product Purchased mine 11 years ago. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. This player is old technology now but dont be put off.

Once you change irived the firmware to Rockbox you can increase HDD size and also play. Most functions can be performed from the remote. You can decide if you want to load Rockbox to the RAM image. If the requirements are met, a confirmation message is displayed, Press PLAY to confirm, the firmware flashing starts, rockbox now overwrites iriver firmware.


For higher-fidelity mono voice recordings, iRiver includes an external lavalier microphone with a clip; if you want to record live music, pick up a powered stereo mike to use with the line-in jack instead. Battery life Multi-functional, includes voice recording and data backup Sound quality Well-built and iihp-140 upgradeable Advanced remote with LCD display Bad igiver Yes, my password is: The reset vector is implemented as two 4-byte memory address location pointers, who contain the memory addresses for the stack pointer and the program code entry point.

You can copy anything you like to it: Hard disk drive Audio Input: In the meantime, enthusiasts have produced freeware software to plug the gap. Perhaps not as attractive or as slimline as your modern ipod but the more than compensates for this with the best sound quality I have ever heard in an mp3 player, a point you will find well documented in most reviews.

Great sound quality, FM, recording, Rockbox firmware! Product Key Features Storage Capacity.