Their Thailand factory started making powered 5. It was never bright or edgy and the bass emphasis came through nicely. He said “It took us a long time to find the balance of these two stages design. Entry Level Or Reference Projectors: There was a couch with three seats, a row of three chairs behind it and standing room for three-five people behind the chairs.

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Single or bi-wired with five-way binding posts Finish: Our review sample was two channel in true Stereomojo fashion. Solid-state stereo preamplifier Frequency Response: It was not or flabby, boomy or bouncy.

The tubes had but 1, hours on them, but one participant thought newer tubes might make Ref 5 sound more like the Cary. It was perhaps a bit too bright and sometimes too quick with details. Link at end of this review – publisher.

Jaton Operetta 2300a Class A/B Amplifier – First Look

Their texture zudio details flowed over me like dark honey. None was quite right. Their four-sided omnidirectional pyramid put them on the audiophile map. And indeed they do.

I bet the huge crowd of cone lovers disagrees with me. The figures came out of the mist, I could see the whites of their eyes; the 3D holograph was intact. The Jaton sounded much more powerful than the 70 wpc rating but the Bryston actually hits wpc into 8ohms in testing and the difference is audiable. I strongly suggest using the grilles as attractive protection for the drivers while idle, but removing when the speakers are in use.


It allows extended listening sessions with multiple components.

The Operetta a is a powerful, clean sounding amp, when the fan is not running, that is. Neither looks nor sizzle grab your attention.

Its like sitting on a South Beach bench splitting hairs between the Lamborghinis and Ferraris idling by; to the casual observer, there is nary a paycheck of difference between them.

Tonality Nothing I threw at it was out of the Operetta’s league. The Conrad Johnson was first pre-amplifier reviewed and thus became the baseline reference. The key to the A3 sound however, is the Mundorf ribbon tweeter. It ran consistently cool and strong. You’re never taken aback by a wailing guitar, energetic viola, or ripping horn yet you could listen all day not realizing what you’ve missed.

Sub-Bass 10 Hz – 60 Hz When I did flip the power switch, without hitting the little yellow breaker, the Operetta always had plenty uadio power.

Jaton Operetta Power Amplifier Review

The Cary is nimble and dynamic. As far as we’ve been told by our customers, in most cases the midrange drivers had been blown before the AMT was under a serious threat. They did not have the blare of the bell, jatkn they did have rasp of the reed. He said “It took us a long time to find the balance of these two stages design.


Jaton Operetta a Class A/B Amplifier – First Look –

I never heard the internal fan running from across the room. Adding an amplifier module is like installing a porch light bulb.

Perhaps they foresaw the day when tablet PCs overtake desktops and the market for graphics cards. Play music at moderate levels.

Yet I see that I have slathered their report with Blues Notes also. There are some retail stores in the States selling Jaton products.

With everything I threw at it, the fan either never turned on or I could not tell.