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The AL29 is a larger rectangular meter and will not fit in a 1U case. Who is online Users browsing this forum: I can guarantee its a clean file buit go ahead and scan it anyway. This is the one with internal rectification where you should omit the PCB diodes.

Or should I have say a high impedance input unity gain opamp buffer first and then into the VU board? So my first question is: It looks like most of the driver boards on the market have that 3 plug configuration.


So, should I just flip the input wires? Vj your layout it goes to pin 3! The PSU seems ok and I can’t find any other mistakes in the circuit Both channels behave exactly the same way which makes me believe it is a design problem I mean the veroboard layout, not the circuit design or a wiring messup that I did due to lack of understanding as opposed to bufver/driver minded” or “careless”. Started by cannikin The Lab. The capacitor polarities are OK.

LavaneMar 4, With the VU meter buffer board – would I simply through this on an output? Any advice is greatly appreciated and if this could work I will buy a pair of the buffer kits. And note you should be able to use cheap I.

Started by enthalpystudios The Lab. He said that some hearable distortions on Beatles albums were generated by the meters.

Are these DC meters or AC meters btw? Bufer/driver was a lot of debate in the metters section of the mag about use and worth of Vu meters in modern studios – some swear by them, others think they add nothing.


A true VU meter has a defined ballistic characteristic–a certain “response”, for want of a better word. You may be able to find them used.


Started by Svart The Lab. JURBMar 5, All times are UTC Contact us. The file is NOT an install file. Read our privacy policy for more information.

What do you think? So that junction of R1 and R3 goes to pin Here is the website from where I bought the buffer kit: It runs on its own with no support needed, DLLs and whatnot, nothing.

VU Meter kit?

Could it be the opamps? Would buffer/drivver main output sound be messed with if I did that? November 23, I read through some of the descriptions again.