I had installed the Widcomm drivers that came with my Kensington bluetooth dongle and could not get the computer to use the MS BT drivers no matter how hard I tried. Should this be inserted in the main article? Version 5 has a 64 bit driver that works, but it still hangs. Anyone successfully try this on ubuntu linux 7. Item model number, OS except for Visa OS which I have had to download from their web page the drivers for vista for the usb kensington bluetooth. Broadcom Bluetooth Driver and Profiles.

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Broadcom and Bluetooth Driver Version 5. Back in stereo heaven…yes! I had a problem Note: I am an advanced user, and have spent hours upon hours over the past several years getting this adapter to work.

You get prompted that the device wants to connect. October 29th, at Once the lensington is done, then insert the into a USB port — and everything works fine.

HP Bluetooth Adapter with trace filter. Any help if this might be a viable solution would be appreciated! The earlier drivers were pretty puny but the latest driver at least that I have Widcomm 5.

  FREE EPSON STYLUS C43SX PRINTER DRIVER The place to find device driver updates.

No go…it puked the install bigtime; had to due registry surgery to fully remove. Anyone out there get it to work with vista?

Discover the magic of the Widconm. Without the driver, the peripheral device. You have to acknowledge that a device is asking permission to connect, and viola, there it is. I also have a Kensington BT Dongle and it sucks.

The patch can be found on the kensington driver site. The one I use is the Kensington model K The key to it is to load version 4 of their bluetooth drivers.

Broadcom Bluetooth Driver, G, I understand the concern. Others have had great success with the Kensington. This package supports the following driver models: If you happen to read this page, could you elaborate?

Kensington Vo Bluetooth Internet Phone Review

It recognizes my head kensingtob, my Treo, and my laptop easily enough. There was a problem loading more pages. Yes, but they may not enable all of the features one would want such as headset functionality.

I have version 5.

Kensington Vo200 Bluetooth Internet Phone Review

The worst part though is that the signal strength is horrible when the phone is sitting on my desk at just 6 feet away. I could get my Treo wx to sync eventuallybut as soon as the connection was halted by me, it would not reconnect, no matter what I tried. This particular kenington hasn’t been connected to the wii in awhile, could wkdcomm be the problem?


The connection doesn’t fall out immediatelly, the Wii Remotes react swifter than with the default Windows drivers. I regret to inform that the model and other Bluetooth adapters in Kensington are not compatible on Win Vista 64 bit operating system.

Talk:List of Working Bluetooth Devices – WiiBrew

I have had this dongle for a couple of years and used it on 98 and xp sp2 on a couple of different machines and it kensintgon always worked finr. I recently purchased a Bluetooth dongle and have similar problems to those mentioned in this article, and found this while searching for drivers CD came scratched.

Broadcom Bluetooth 2.