What’s all that highfalutin gobbledygook stuff above? It appears to help quite a bit here with the K5J as well. Posted March 13, Both times were in the same exact room, approximately 25x The public was sold on frequency response.

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But the acoustical tests all show that it works very well with the K In PART I, the analysis considers the electrical behavior of the loudspeaker drivers used and how that behavior changes when the drivers are installed and operated in the horn. Sign in Already have an account? IMO it’s probably smoothed a tad.

Klipschorn The Missing Bass Discovered | Audiokarma Home Audio Stereo Discussion Forums

However, I now use the k5j’s on top of cornwalls for my own version of the Cornscala. Register klipsschorn new account. Note how the large frequency response peak changes in size between the free-air and horn loaded responses.

Please help us save more info about the vintage systems. JcricketOct 6, Les LammersOct 7, I set all back to original and took it how it is Particularly when you also have to open and baas the woofer access panel each time, removing and replacing 8 door panel screws carfefully by hand.


If so there’s not much to be done about it without major effort. To develop the equivalent electrical circuit of the Klipschorn bass unit for example, it’s useful to first obtain its complex impedance plot. Just one more question, which may reveal my deep ignorance: Using them in a small space even the 21′ X 15′ room your describing, side reflections from the horn may present a problem without proper aborbtion panels. The ke woofer installed: AND it does it without using 20 pounds of copper inductors and a dozen or so capacitors.

The approach taken here is something of a perturbed analysis. In the simulation, I added a couple of resistors here and there for a total of 2 or 3 Ohms to simulate the patch cord resistances present in the measurement of the proto-build.

Klipschorn Setup

Replacing the 33uF by the 24uF provides for more attenuation below Hz, a design modification that might be preferable for say, a LaScala or Belle bass horn.

I purchased a set of Khorns about 2 months ago and they sounded pretty bad without being used in conjunction with a sub.

I had been planning on just doing the B thing at a convenient time as they always seem to be around and affordable. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. At right, a comparison between the real part of the simulation same values of L cec and the real part of the experimentally determined complex impedance.


Also as mentioned placement is important. Rienforcing the cabinet and getting the correct amount of insulation in them may help in the Bass Dept too.

Klipschorn The Missing Bass Discovered

From the same unpublished manuscript discussed at the top of this page, Klipsch writes:. Calgary on the Bow. Sign In Sign Up.

No, base an account now. Khorn bass channel splay angles and the height of the high frequency units makes for requiring a complicated measuring methodology.

North Reading Engineering

K55v, m, v dual plug. They were able to easily fill the room with sound, but with a klipsvhorn or big sound. I don’t want to compromise that critical mid-bass region by trying to get a compression driver to do something it doesn’t want to.

Was the graph normalized to read true SPL?