Color Laser Network Scan Network was the easy part. Okay, now how often do you buy a new printer? Dell and Lexmark lasers are horrendously overpriced you typically pay the price for a cartridge with an integrated drum except a lot of the models don’t have cartridges with integrated drums and the replacement drums cost a fortune. Manufacturers just don’t care enough to make it work right. I’ve had a few issues with printer quality a lot of cases where the printer was falling apart or not working after a few months so I would be wary of buying one now. HP toner cartridges are such a scam, but as you say, you don’t really have a viable alternative. You’ve got customers lining up.

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Then another 15 for the jetdirect card off ebay.

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Wow, what a great post! Printers are also made well. I’ve run several small offices, and the HP4 series is by far the cheapest way to go. Sometimes it’s like the above, sometimes it’s this.


Can print from any machine in the house. Consumers still buy inkjet in droves because the initial investment is more reasonable especially if you ever want color printing.

You’ve clearly never used a tractor-feed dot matrix printer.


We had several Lexmark E printers in the office and were pretty universally loved. Why, after so many fucking years, do people still think that buying cheap will reward them time ledmark time? The color cartridges for those printers are about 12 or 20 bucks depending on the capacity. I’m incredibly happy lexmarkk my Brother printer. It just reminds me of “I can’t do that for you, Dave. But third-party drivers might still be available for older devices that do require a driver.

It has to withstand use. A good printer, designed by a group of engineers, that can be easily repaired by the average do it yourselfer, with refillable ink, and seriew of the other bits one would want. But, as it would have been bad for the economy, it never was sold.

Would you agree with this? You’re dead on the money. The title may contain two, short, necessary context sentences. That doesn’t apply here.

I probably could have fixed that thing if I could find a decent site to buy parts from, but sadly it got tossed before I could try.

Not sure lex,ark this is not been upvoted more. How do you match the ingredients of the reman toner to the original manufacturer specifications when they keep some ingredients secret? I’m sure the technology exists.

Buy a cheapo laser. I thought that this was pretty steep until I printed a status page: Anyway, you can make it a network printer pretty inexpensively. I haven’t used my printer in three months, it still randomly starts making noise, moving the cartridge side to side, it’s fucken weird. lexmak


Oh, and we’d like it if the millions of identical printers also work after being assembled by tired, uneducated Chinese teenagers no offense intended at all and bounced around in a shipping box. Why, after millions of man hours of technology research, and prices actually dropping every year after adjusting lxemark inflation, are things only marginally better instead of fantastically?

default printers in sap?

Paid out the ass for it, I’m pretty sure, and when I went off to college, I took it with me because they got a new laser printer seriess replace it Brother HLN. Open Menu Close Menu Apple. I miss my old dot matrix. I’ve had a few issues with printer quality a lot of cases where the printer was falling apart or not working after a few months so I would be wary of buying one now. Older models are actually pretty good for both laser and ink.