Finally, verify that there were no loading problems with the dmesg command. I re-booted not sure if i was to recompile The fact that your Linux system can detect your NIC doesn’t mean that it is compatible. For more advanced trainees it can be a desktop reference, and a collection of the base knowledge needed to proceed with system and network administration. Anything is fair game.

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Just make sure you get the version from CVS, the newest stable version had some issues with the card that have been fixed. All times are GMT You can check both the interrupts and base memory of your NIC cards by using llinux ifconfig -a command:.

Linksys WPC11 PCMCIA and Netgear MA311 PCI wireless cards under Debian GNU/Linux

All times are GMT Part 2 will explore the possibility of making your server also become the core of your self-managed dedicated Web site. Verify that the ndiswrapper module has been loaded using the lsmod command, and then remove it from memory using the rmod command. Other Linux Home Networking Topics. Fortunately this recovery procedure should get your system to function correctly.

This is the chapter about what started it all. Open Source Consulting Domain Registration.

MA with Red Hat 8

Specifically, you can see such important information as the link quality, WAP MAC address, data rate, and encryption keys, which can be helpful in ensuring the parameters across your network are the same. The original version of the card used the Intersil Prisim chip lniux, which worked with Linux, but the newer version 2.


Here our system is running Fedora Core 5 kernel version 2. As for the issue of the iw commands not being there Connected [ Disabling erase-suspend- program due to code brokenness.

Frequently Linux drivers for the new cards are unavailable. This is done using the ndiswrapper command with the -m flag. To reduce the risk of the network being hijacked, be sure to encrypt the traffic and use a proxy server running such software as Squid see Chapter 32, ” Controlling Web Access with Squid ” to limit Internet access to authorized users via some form of pop-up username and password authentication.

Activation of this feature can be inconvenient to users as wireless clients will need to know the predefined ESSID to gain LAN access, but it more importantly reduces the risk mz311 an outsider connecting to your wireless LAN by roaming the airwaves for an available WAP. There are many other types of wireless methodologies.

Wireless NIC manufacturers are notorious for changing the chip sets on their cards depending on the price of the components.

Gentoo Forums :: View topic – Problem with linux-wlan-ng and MA

EAP will typically rely on a user’s LDAP or Active Directory username and password used to access their computers to verify whether they can also access the wireless network. Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. Look carefully for any signs that the card is interfering with existing card IRQs.


Some types of network architectures make the wireless router only have access to the Internet, and no where else, via its own dedicated DSL line. In the most common operating mode Infrastructure modeall wireless servers communicate with one another via the WAP, which is usually connected to a regular external or integrated router for communication to the Internet.

MA311 – 11 Mbps Wireless PCI Adapter

If there is a conflict, there will usually be a warning or “IRQ also used by It is not a difficult process, there are only a ma3311 steps, but the compilation time can be lengthy. Linud fact that your Linux system can detect your NIC doesn’t mean that it is compatible.

I re-booted not sure if i was to recompile See full activity log. The following steps will show you how to recover from this error cleanly.

Apart from people who lonux infected software and e-mail attachments, mobile employees’ notebook computers are usually viewed as a high risk source of unintentional malicious activity as there is even less control over what these employees do than those with fixed workstations. Leave this blank if you are using Open Source Consulting Domain Registration.