The final exam is Calculators are not allowed during the exams. Your cumulative homework grade will be based on your best eight 8 of nine 9 graded homework assignments. Check exams page for more information. Your course grade will be determined by your cumulative average at the end of the term and will be based on the following scale: Your matlab score will be calculated as. The lowest homework score will not be counted.

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In particular, we will not assign problems to turn in which neccessitate the use of a graphing calculator. Linear algebra is a collection of ideas and methods related to linear equations.

General information

Math 20F, Linear Algebra. Matrix algebra, Gaussian elimination, determinants. Graphing calculators such as the TI may prove useful in checking answers to certain homework problems, but are not required for the course.

What if I miss a homework assignment? The Matlab assignments are a required part of the course.

MATH 20F: Linear Algebra Winter – Course syllabus

Please also observe the above neatness guidelines. This course gives a systematic introduction sometimes with proofs of the basic constructs, concepts and results regarding these 20t. General information Course syllabus Lecture schedule Homework assignments Exams. Please make sure that you turn in your homeworks and Matlab assignments to the right boxes. Please realize that you are a student in one of the prestigious colleges in California. Additionally there will be suggested questions 2f0 the textbook, which will be solved during the discussion sections.


You are encouraged to study with others, but the work you turn in should be your own; do not just copy someone else’s answer. Some advice can be found in the webpage about mathematics.

No regrade requests will be considered once the exam leaves the room. Math 20C or equivalent with a grade of C- or better Description: I assume you’re attending lectures, reading the text, trying to do the homework and taking 20ff of office hours.

HW 2 is up here.

HW 8 is up here. For instance as we shall see, finding the eigenvalues of a matrix is equivalent to finding all of the roots of a polynomial, which is a very difficult computational problem.

There will be no makeup exams. A more detailed list may be found by consulting the calendar and the list of assigned homework problems.

Your course grade will be determined by your cumulative average at the end of the term and will be based on the following scale: Homework boxes are on the right on the 6th floor as soon as you leave the elevator. Their sole purpose is to get you prepared for the exams.


Math 20F is a semi-rigorous introduction to linear algebra, with an emphasis on computational techniques and some applications. Academic dishonesty is considered a serious offense at UCSD. We will use curve in favor of you.

Because this gives you the opportunity to interact in case something is not clear. We will restrict ourselves to linear algebra with real numbers. Final is scheduled on March 19th, Wednesday from TA office locations and email addresses can be found here. Some of the techniques you will learn in the class are tedious for hand calculations. If you do not understand a concept in a problem you should definitely get help in understanding it.