Do not turn these in. Additionally there will be suggested questions from the textbook, which will be solved during the discussion sections. Their sole purpose is to get you prepared for the exams. If you believe a grading mistake was made on your exam, return it to your TA immediately. It will cover everything up to and including the material in HW3.

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General information

Today there are efficient techniques for eigenvalue computation devised for computers from which Matlab benefits. Math 20F is a semi-rigorous introduction to linear algebra, with an emphasis on computational techniques and some applications. Math 20C or equivalent with a grade of C- or better Description: But the lectures will be brief and we will touch on only the most essential concepts.

This requires you learn the language involved. HW 8 is up here. Linear Algebra Winter A representative sample of the exercises will be graded. Here is the link to the official website. Math 20C or equivalent with a grade of C- or better. Homeworks dropped off late will be discarded. Not applicable for Midterm 2. Math 20F, Linear Algebra.


This course gives a systematic introduction sometimes with proofs of the basic constructs, concepts and results regarding these objects. What is Linear Algebra? Thus, computers are an essential adjunct to mahh algebra. I assume you’re attending lectures, reading the text, trying to do the homework and taking advantage of office hours. Can I discuss homework with other people? Academic Integrity Guidelines for homework and exams Exams are closed book and calculators are not allowed.

Math 20F – Syllabus

You will probably find that over half the battle with most 20F problems is understanding what is being asked. This provides a good opportunity to practice with your friends and knowledgable TAs.

There’s a typo in 1. Eigenvalues and eigenvectors, diagonalization of symmetric matrices.

Computing symbolic and graphical solutions using Matlab. Attendance to the class is not required. The final will be a closed-book exam.

Their sole purpose is to get you prepared for the exams. Students are often led to confuse memorization with understanding. No regrade requests will be considered once the exam leaves the room.


Course syllabus

Midterm 2 statistics and chart are up here. Please make sure that you turn in your homeworks and Matlab assignments to the right boxes.

In some areas, linear algebra is more important than calculus and, in others, it is intertwined with calculus. Midterm 2 Solutions Average: Lay, Linear 20t and Its Applications 3rd. Late assignments will not be accepted. TA office hours are up here. Some information is not yet available: